Boom of plays for the choice of Andrea Cerioli: Men and Women also flies with the throne classic


Published on Feb 01, 2019


Boom of plays for Men and Women with the episode of the throne classic is dedicated to the choice of Andrea Cerioli. Apparently the audience at home, as he noted, on social, doesn't think at all like Gianni Sperti, who spoke of a path devoid of emotions, and a choice that would not leave anything to the public. In front of the tv screen yesterday, there were more than 3 million viewers who have seen and commented on the choice of Andrea Cerioli, while greatly appreciating the decision of the tronista that if it is felt to lengthen the stock ( like many of the protagonists of the program, instead they decided to do) and has made his choice. A little tv maybe, unspectacular perhaps, but certainly true seeing that the tronista the only thing that mattered was to leave the studio with the girl he has fallen in love.

And judging by the ratings of an episode of the Men and Women of the past, we have to say that the audience at home the choice of Cerioli has appreciated and has also followed with great interest.

And here are the ratings related to the bet of Men and Women aired yesterday, January 31, 2019

Men and Donneha interested 3.226.000 spectators with the 22.65% (final 2.823.000 – 21.72%).


We will see what will happen for the first time since February 15, 2019 will be shown the choices of tronisti. Maria de Filippi has explained that it will not be easy to keep hidden what happened in the course of the recordings, and also because a long time will pass between the recording of choice and the airing. Spoilers, obviously, will also come, because in the festivals of the engagement there will be dozens of guests for which it is clear that something will escape! In any case, the De Filippi and all the team of Men and Women can enjoy a beautiful victory, even with the throne, classical in the afternoon. The choice of Andrea Cerioli will surely be one of the episodes most views this season. It certainly is one of the most viewed of the throne classic.

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