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Published on Jan 02, 2018

The 2018 is just getting started and we can expect a year full of publishing news, but... what were the books nerd most sold in 2017?

According to the classification of the Amazon, including the bestselling 2017 are also many books in fantasy, science fiction, graphic novels and much more. An important clue, given that often these genres are considered literature is marginal, suitable only to specific age groups and little appreciated by the strong players.

Within the ranking of the top 50 best-selling books in Italy, Amazon inserts the two cases editorial very popular in recent months: on the one hand, the Origin of Dan Brown, one of the most expected novelties of this autumn, on the other Wonder, a true pop phenomenon, written by R. J. Palacio on which it is based the homonymous film released in cinemas. Two phenomena in publishing that have had a great sales success!

In the ranking do not miss the great classics: one of the best-selling books in 2017 is George Orwell's 1984. Dystopia has become the emblem of the criticism against totalitarianism and excessive control, and level of standardization of our company, 1984 does not cease to be read and enjoyed, as evidenced by the ranking Amazon. Among the bestsellers are also Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. Not that the famous writer had need of publicity, but we are confident that the new film by Kenneth Branagh have brought many to re-read the works of the queen of the thriller genre.

So (perhaps) unexpected, enters the ranking of best-selling books of Rubble, the first of Zerocalcare. Despite the title, both released by little, the book has managed to climb to the highest positions of the ranking of the bestseller 2017, becoming one of the volumes sold this year. A nice reversal of the trend in the world of the graphic novel, a genre often undervalued and mistreated.

Last, but not least, figure in the ranking, also the new edition of It by Stephen King, published by Sperling & Kupfer. You can say that 2017 is the year of Stephen King, with the film and It has beaten all records of receipts, tv series and new releases editorials. A well-deserved success for one of the contemporary writers, the most beloved.

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Robert Langdon, professor of symbology and iconology religious at Harvard, was invited to the futuristic Guggenheim museum Bilbao to attend a unique event: the revelation that will forever change the history of humanity, and call into question the dogmas and principles already acquired, by opening the way to a future so imminent as unimaginable. The protagonist of the evening is Edmond Kirsch, forty-year-old billionaire and futurist, famous throughout the world for its jaw-dropping inventions of high-tech, bold predictions, and atheism is corrosive. Kirsch, who was one of the first students of Langdon and has a friendship with him for twenty years now, is about to unveil a startling discovery that will answer two fundamental questions: where did we come from? And, most importantly, where are we going?

The action takes place in a near future world (the year 1984) in which power is concentrated in the three huge superstati: Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. At the summit of political power in Oceania is Big Brother, omniscient and infallible, which no one has seen it in person but everywhere are visible large posters. The Ministry of Truth, in which works the main character, Smith has the task of censoring books and newspapers are not in line with official policy, to alter the history and to reduce the expressive possibilities of the language. As it is kept under control by cameras, Smith begins to lead a life that is “subversive”.

The Orient-Express, the famous train that connects Paris with Istanbul, is forced to make a forced stop, blocked by the snow. On board someone takes advantage of it to make a bloody crime, but, unfortunately for the murderer, among the passengers there is also the famous belgian detective Hercule Poirot, who will be entrusted with the investigations. Poirot, in fact, solve the case, not before, however, coming across a sensational surprise.

It is the story of Auggie, born with a tremendous strain in the face, that, after years of protected by his family for the first time faces the world of the school. How it will be accepted by teammates? By the teachers? Who is going to sit next to him in the canteen? Who will look at you straight in the eye? And those who search out hidden making jokes? Those who will do anything to not be sitting next to him? Who will be his friend? A protagonist, an unlucky but strong, a wonderful family, true friends help you Augustus during the school year that will end in a way triumphant for him. The story of a child who finds his role in the world.

Rubble first is a story about what makes us human. On the things that, although they are put to the test by life, we must protect it at any cost. A book in which an ensemble cast and enlarged from the typical storytelling of Zerocalcare you compare that to the fragile reality that, just a few years before, were their dreams for the future. It's a story that was meant to be read in two acts, and this will never be published in a single volume.

In Derry the autumn is announced with a torrential downpour. For a child like George Denbrough, well covered by his yellow raincoat, the greatest fun is to follow the paper boat that he built the big brother Bill. But the roads are slippery, and George is in danger of losing his toy, which, in fact, she slips into a drainage channel along the sidewalk, and disappears into the bowels of the earth. Try to recover it is the last act of George: a fearsome creature disguised as a clown the tears off an arm, killing him. To combat It, the mysterious monster that takes the shape of our worst fears, remain Bill and the group of friends with whom he founded the Club of Losers, seven kids capable of imagining a world without monsters. But It is an implacable enemy and to defeat him, the boys must face very stringent tests and risking their own life.

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