Bonus restructuring in 2020, here's how it works and who has the responsibility for


Published on Dec 16, 2019


The Bonus restructuring 2020 how it works? And this is what you are asking those planning to do renovations in the next year. Between the bonus and the tax deduction is certainly one of the most popular. For this reason, the Bonus restructuring has been extended also in 2020. You can get a deduction of 50% up to a maximum of 96mila euro of expenditure made for work of various kinds. We discover, therefore, how it works and what types of interventions to households may fall in this deduction.

As we have said, such a bonus is paid in the form of a tax deduction. To give exact directions on the jobs that fall within this bonus, is the Italian revenue Agency. We're talking about maintenance work to an extraordinary and ordinary, preservation and renovation, restoration and renovation of buildings, both for condominiums and for real estate individual.

Can benefit from the Bonus restructuring to 2020 the following categories:

In the case has been concluded the preliminary contract of sale, the buyer can avail of the bonus if you are the workers of the restructuring and at its own expense, has been placed in the possession of the property, and the compromise is recorded.

To be able to get the Bonus restructuring, you have to pay in a traceable. This is one of the new features planned for 2020. Therefore, payments must be made by bank transfer or postal. The reason for payment must include the following statement: “Bank for construction work that give the right to the deduction provided for by article 16-bis of Presidential decree 917/1986“. Also should be indicated the fiscal code of those who benefit from the deduction and the person receiving the payment, together with appropriate vat.

And’ possible to request the deduction for the renovation, also if you are asked for funding to pay for the woman due. The financial company will take care, therefore, of the transfer by entering the data mentioned above.

This bonus must be requested with the compilation of the income statement. In addition, to claim the deduction, it is important to keep important documents. Talk about administrative permissions, for works that require, or a self-declaration with indication of the date of commencement of work. Also, you have to keep the receipts of the transfers and the payment. We must also consider documents such as approvals by the building, any communication to the Asl for the beginning of the work, payment receipts IMU and any question of stacking.

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