Bonelli: the return of the Magical Wind, and Napoleon, part Odessa


Published on Feb 08, 2019


Through their official website that Sergio Bonelli Editore presented the latest news is expected for 2019, among which stand out: the return of the Magic Wind and Napoleon, and the launch of a new narrative universe science fantasy, Odessa.

In the course of 2019, in fact, the newsstands will have the opportunity to expose the books of the onset of three limited series that will offer new adventures unprecedented number of characters that have made the history of our publishing House. Series published in a more rigorous format bonelliano, what – exactly – classic-96 pages, black-and-white.

Let's start with the one in the times announced, the only one that we have already presented on these pages: Mister No. After the conclusion of Mister No Revolution, the fans of Jerry Drake will have the chance to see in action the classic version of the character, in a series of 10 episodes which is located temporally before the last, long, adventure written by: Guido Nolitta. In the past we have already shown you a few the table of Maximum Cipriani and Marco Foderà, but the graphic team are also part of Roberto Diso, and Stefano Di Vitto. The three screenwriters involved in the project, however, are Luigi Mignacco and Michele Masiero and Maurizio Colombo.

Another “classic” character that you'll see on the newsstand in the course of the year, it is Napoleon, the former police officer became a doorman of a hotel in the swiss, whose last adventure we published in the summer of 2006. Entirely written by its creator, Carlo Ambrosini, the new series unfolds in three books that continue the story of the life of Napoleone Di Carlo, from where it was interrupted almost thirteen years ago. Also in this case, please refer to the gallery to find out the designers they're working on it.

The third series in which we'll take a brief continuation in the second half of the year is that of the Magical Wind. The tireless Gianfranco Manfredi is also the author of the loose Dogs that you find at the newsstands every month, has scripted four books that tell the story of the new and the exciting adventures of Ned Ellise of his inseparable companion, Willy Richards, called Poe. We are sure that the pages that we propose here will stimulate you and inspire you to read, that is only a few months.

But do not think that the news for the 2019 run out with those that we have proposed in the preview in this series of articles. All the characters have lots of other surprises, but there are also two new titles which we will give you more news soon: Attica, the project of Giacomo Bevilacqua that we presented at the last Free Comicbook Day, and Odessa, the new universe science fantasy of Sergio Bonelli Editore, that you can browse earlier than you think. Stay tuned and you'll know more!

Bonelli: the return of the Magical Wind, and Napoleon, part Odessa is




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