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Published on Mar 23, 2020


The week, sponsored by Sergio Bonelli editore (Publisher) opens with the return of the magazine dylaniato: 176 pages, with two original stories, and many news services and colours from the world of horror and fear. The appointment with the Dylan Dog Magazine, 2020 is for the 24 of march: it will be then that newsagents, local will be available in the sixth register of the annual series.

The album in the classical format, 16×21 cm long, with a cover of Bruno Brindisi. Here is the presentation of the volume on the portal Bonelli: "In the edition 2020 of the Dylan Dog Magazine, count Dracula never goes out of fashion, as well as hunters of monsters (preferably giant, monsters) and if an invisible man sleeping in your bed, who will you call? The Warren, of course. In addition, the usual overview on horror vintage movie, serial, books, comics, and video games not to mention the two unpublished stories of our Detective of the Nightmare." The first of the two stories is titled “Sweet Little Doll” and has the subject and the screenplay of Paola Barbato with the designs of Giulio Camagni. Bloch has just lost his wife.

Finds himself alone, struggling with the young man, difficult son, Virgil. And with an investigation concerning a serial killer who always leaves a doll on the scene of the crime. But what binds together a group of victims seemingly without anything in common? To find out, the Bloch form a team of investigation of which it is a part of a young cadet named Dylan Dog. In the appendix of the book “The two fathers”, an episode short, focused on the youth of the Investigator of the Nightmare, written by Alberto Ostini and drawn by Paolo Bacilieri.

Taste of the root of Daiging? Bitter, as the feelings that it awakens a difficult investigation, as will become evident from the reading of “The taste of truth”, album number 5 of the monthly series Odessa Revelations.

The tavern of the New Odessa an event occurs rather singular. Oksana, the maid, has stolen something very precious to Comus, the legitimate owner of the business. Why did you do this? And where is he now? Yakiv, Zhiras and Goraz are called to investigate, going through old fears, bizarre characters, and a truth from the bitter taste. Like that of a root of Daiging. The register, format 16×21 inches with 96 pages in color, will be available from Thursday, march 26, with texts signed by Davide Rigamonti and Stefano Plans, drawings Elisabetta Barletta cover, signed by Mariano De Biase, and colors of Edward Arzani.

The bucolic life of a peaceful community might hide something shady in The “valley of Eden”, the register number 32 of the series of annual Special Zagor. The volume, expected on newsstands homegrown on Saturday, 28 march, has 160 pages black-and-white and in the classic format, 16×21 cm. Has story and screenplay by Riccardo Secchi, drawings of Marcello Mangiantini cover and signed by Alessandro Piccinelli.

Chasing Dempsey, a bandit who fled after an attempted robbery of the cloak with a woman held hostage, Zagor reaches a village inhabited by immigrants from the scandinavian, that the care he was seriously injured. The power is almost miraculous, a filter that soothes immediately his wounds convinces the Spirit with the Hatchet, the community, seemingly peaceful and unarmed, and to hide a few magic secret... but you find out the truth proves to be a deadly danger.

Two reprints this week of the end of march, both dedicated to the ranger in the yellow shirt. The first appointment is with the Whole Tex number 588, the register in which from the fortress in the “Valley of the Red Flower” the Tiger Black set in motion his diabolical plan. Titled “The black castle” and released, for the first time in the month of October 2009, the register of the monthly will be on sale from 25 march.

The Tiger is Black is back to strike! Tex and Carson escape death, but find themselves divided, the one convinced of the departure of the other! The cloth woven by the evil prince malay Sumankan, fueled by his desire for revenge, has never been so full of pitfalls for the rangers, who will have a hard time to restore order in San Francisco and destroy the traffic of opium that is poisoning the streets of the city. In the classic size 16×21 inches with 112 black and white pages, the volume has subject and screenplay by Claudio Nizzi, drawings of Andrea Venturi cover signed by Claudio Villa.

"I am Vindex, the creator of the largest kingdom of all the centuries! I am Vindex, the king of kings!": with this phrase on the portal of the Sergio Bonelli Editore is presenting “The desert of stone”, the register number 80 of the reissue rate quattordicinale Tex Classic. Out Friday, march 27, the register, 16×21 inches with 64 pages in color, has lyrics to signature of Gianluigi Bonelli artwork by Aurelio Galleppini and Francesco Gamba, with the first of the two is also the author of the cover art and colors, signed by GFB Comics.

At the turn of the trusty Dynamite, Tex reconnaissance solitary way of the wilderness of Gila, when, attracted by a mysterious pile of the border, she discovers huge footprints of an unknown animal. Intrigued, he decides to follow the tracks coming from the first, in what remains of a tribe of Piutes, killed by the one they call “the wrath of the gods”, and, subsequently, in an unfortunate explorer who, deceived by his own guides, escapes death only thanks to the providential intervention of the ranger.

These are the tells of being in search of the brother, a young biologist, associatosi to a scientist in mexico, the professor Carmonas, is carrying out experiments in the area. What they can't imagine is that Carmonas, ribattezzatosi Vindex, is completely insane and tucked away in a laboratory inside a maya pyramid, has forced the colleague scientist to create a race of puma giant with whom it wants to dominate the world.

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