Bonelli, the outputs of the week, April 27 – may 3, 2020


Published on Apr 27, 2020


A terrible menace infests the Menagerie in “The heart of the Menagerie”, album number 6 of the series monthly Odessa Revelations, expected on newsstands homegrown from April 29, with story and screenplay by Davide Rigamonti, drawings of Elena Cesana, art by Mariano De Biase and colors to the signature of Virginia Chiabotti.

The headquarters of our heroes is in a state of alert. What up until a few hours before was lying without life in the laboratory has found a way to rise and escape. Yakiv and Zhiras set off in pursuit, while Goraz is forced to fight against Bulls, to save it from certain death. Will he succeed? And what threats await Yakiv and the malmuutiana in the heart of the Menagerie?

Anna Never returns to bring havoc in the life of the Investigator of the Nightmare in “Anna forever”, album number 404 of the monthly series Dylan Dog, will be on sale from 30 April.

The beautiful Anna Never faces the most shots in the dreams and in the nightmares of Dylan, while it is sunk in sleep. And when the Investigator of nightmares, he discovers that at the theatre, a show of which she is the protagonist, rushes to assist. It is not that the first step in a series of chases, escapes, and chases breathtaking, between the two. The album has the lyrics of Roberto Recchioni, the designs of Sergio Gerasi and Giorgio Pontrelli and cover of Gigi Cavenago. The album features a cover exclusive with holographic effect.

A difficult investigation in the world of juvenile delinquency is the protagonist of “Under vacuum”, the register number 260 of the monthly series, Julia.

Waited for 2 may, the album has the subject of Giancarlo Berardi, screenplay of the same Berardi and Lorenzo Calza, drawings of Ernesto Michelazzo cover and Cristiano Spadoni. The sensation-seekers, are those guys in the continuous search of extreme sensations. When drugs, alcohol and risk are not enough to fill their existential vacuum, is then, that their actions are tainted with the crime.

In the community of the Nova Spes people of color and whites live together peacefully. Someone, however, wants to destroy all of this, as will be evident to readers of “ebony and ivory”, the register number 658 of the monthly series Zagor, too it out 2 may.

The sinister Trevor, for the account of Virgil Boyd, a wealthy owner of a ranch, pay the pistoleros of the color of the band of the outlaw Murray to mount the racial hatred against the community of Nova Spes, where they live and work in peace, in a sort of social experiment wanted by the philanthropist mister Waters, white men and black men. Zagor and Cico go to the ranch of Boyd, while the daughter, sixteen-year-old of the ranchero, Evelyn, however he lives a clandestine love affair with Jerome, a black guy in the Community. At a certain point men to the orders Trevor to it. The register has the story and the script of Roberto Altariva, the designs of Fabrizio Russo and the cover of Alessandro Piccinelli.

The only weekly appointment with the reprints is that on a monthly basis with All Tex 589, which returns to the audience, “the revolt of The cheyennes”, the story of exit originally in November of 2009.

On sale from April 28, with story and screenplay by Claudio Nizzi, drawings of Easter Of the Old, and the cover of Claudio Villa, the album tells the story of how some speculators want the railroad to pass through the high plateaus of the Colorado, thus causing the revolt of the warlike Cheyennes who have the reserve in that geographical area. The intentions and plans of the crooks, led by the sinister Jack Braden, and by the indian agent, West Turbin, which were supported by the rebel leader's Paw Crow, oppose, Tex and Carson. To turn off the fuse of a potentially explosive situation, the rangers rely a lot on the wisdom of Red Deer, sakem of the Cheyennes.

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