Bonelli, the outputs of the week 9-15 September 2019


Published on Sep 11, 2019


The relentless result of the most blind fanaticism is on the march on the Erondàr in Dragonero number 76, “The Lady of tears”. The monthly magazine, available from September 10, has story and screenplay by Luca Enoch, drawings by Luca Malisan and cover by Giuseppe Matteoni. At the end of a long mission in the Kingdoms of the Southern, that involved the blond scout and his him inspired blood brother Gmor, the situation of the Erondàr is not improved... on the contrary! The dark clouds on the horizon you are clotted in the terrible form of a colossal statue, which, powered by fanatical belief, widespread now in all the places affected by the deadly Weeping Red, has taken on a life and moves on, inexorable and deadly, trampling on everything that tries to sbarrarle the way. This terrifying “the Lady of Tears” is the adversary against which Dragonero must be measured, in a comparison that makes the one between David and Goliath a skirmish between fellow players.

The ’70s are coming on the lives of the protagonists with all their load of contradictions in “Fists and guns”, album number 11 of the monthly series loose Dogs. We are now at the half of the new decade, in a 1976 that sees the stormy love story between Deb and Betty, the strange world of gyms and karate and the underworld of via Montenapoleone. Cocaine is rampant on the city and the mala milan held the baptism for his new “heroes”. The register, outbound, Wednesday, 11, has story and screenplay by Gianfranco Manfredi, the drawings and the cover of Sergio Gerasi.

A series of disturbing how seemingly inexplicable crimes disrupts the publishing world of the lombard capital. Only one thing is certain, each killing is linked to the other, as will be evident from the reading of The Stories, number 84, “The prisma dark”. The monthly magazine, on newsstands as of September 12, has story and screenplay by Maurizio Principato, drawings of Max Avogadro cover and Aldo Di Gennaro. In the Milan of the days in our a chain of murders terrorizes the city. Crimes cruel and mysterious that affect the publishing world and seem to be linked by the wire of a twisted plan. Revenge, madness, or something even more intricate and elusive? Only one thing is certain: the killer wants to leave a trace, a sign to be interpreted. His signature is a phrase apparently without sense, always accompanied by the same symbol... the simple design and strangely disturbing of a prism the dark.

"Sky!... Too late!... The apaches have already made the left work!": with these words, on the portal of the Bonelli Editore presented the album number 67 in the series quattordicinale Tex Classic, titled “Squaw Peak” and expected on newsstands homegrown from the 13th of September with the subject and script: Gianluigi Bonelli, drawings and cover: Aurelio Galleppini and colours in the care of GFB Comics. Leave their reserves, a large group of bloodthirsty young apaches down on the foot of the war and after the massacre of innocent settlers and destroyed military outposts, change the tactics and the tip directly on the peaceful and innocent town of Aultman with the purpose to bring death and destruction. Not even the intervention of a squadron of blue jackets manages to stop the devastating fury of the indians, who only consumes at the end of the terrible massacre that leaves no survivors among the whites. In the face of this and so much horror, Tex swears revenge and, with the help of his partners, stands at the command of all the surviving soldiers engaging in a battle to the last blood.

On the 14th of September will arrive on newsstands “The men who killed Lincoln”, album number 449 of the monthly Tex New Reissue. The lawyer Stoppard, who lives in Denver under a false name, is discovered by a couple of shady assassins, and stabbed on a train. Tex and Carson, in travelling in the same convoy, collect his last will: they must make a key that the tramp wears, open a safe deposit box in Washington, take the envelope that contains, and deliver it to the President of the United States! The killers receive orders from the capital: stop the ranger, because the document is on the burning memorial in which the murderer of Lincoln, the infamous Boothe, reveals the names of his customers. The album, released for the first time in march of 1998, has story and screenplay by Claudio Nizzi, drawings by José Ortiz and cover by Claudio Villa.

A tank of the army, full of gold, was stolen... from Zagor! Who will be able to stop it? The answer in the register number 7 of the reprint monthly Zagor Classic, entitled “Zagor against Zagor”. Saved the indian tribe of the Fox by the deceit of some unscrupulous traffickers, Zagor and Cico do back in their refuge of Darkwood, where, oblivious of everything, a couple of thugs are plotting to steal a wagon full of gold in the army. Their diabolical plan is to recruit Olaf Botegosky, a blockbuster from the stunning similarity with Zagor, who, disguised as our Hero, it will take the place to lead the precious caravan in an ambush, then the blame just on the Spirit with the Hatchet. The appointment in the sale with the register signed by Gallieno Ferri for texts, drawings and cover and GFB Comics for the colors, it's the 14th September.

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