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Published on Mar 10, 2020


The cries of the spectators, the smell of blood and the awareness of having to win... not to die: this is the content of “gods of the arena”, the register number 5 of the monthly series Dragonero, The rebel, out march 10 with the subject and the screenplay of Luca Enoch, the drawings of Richard Latin and cover by Gianluca Pagliarani.

Thrown into the melee of armed men, in the arena, fighting wildly for his life, Ian and Gmor have to entrust the success of their mission, only their ability to defeat the fearsome gladiator of the Vhacondàr, wrestlers that the audience is thirsting for death honors as the actual. The one that Ian and Gmor seek in the sand steeped in blood, is a guy whose salvation applies even to the throne of a principality! But an old acquaintance and a new danger pose disturbing questions as to which is the true goal to pursue.

When the legend is confused with the History of the horror lying in wait, as will become clear in “Frankenstein 2020”, album number 6 of the monthly series Martin Mystère, The new adventures color – Second Series, waiting on the newsstands homegrown starting Wednesday, march 11. On the trail of the origin of the myth of the Frankenstein monster, made famous by the writer Mary Shelley in the gothic novel, Martin, Java and Diana come to Burg Frankenstein, near Nieder-Beerbach, Germany, to do research on an episode of the Mysteries of Mystère.

Shortly after their arrival, however, the small town is shocked by inexplicable events, apparitions and violent crimes that seem to lead right to the monstrous creature literary. The album has the subject of Alfredo Castelli, script de The “Mysteriani”, drawings of Rosario Raho, cover by Lucio Filippucci, and colors of duo Daniele Rudoni and Alessandro Musumeci.

In the universe of Adventure, past and future, imagination and reality, the antihero of Pasquale Ruju still has so many stories to tell. From “Cassidy 1 – ashes to Ashes”, the register number 90 of the monthly series of Stories.

On sale from 12 march, the album has lyrics by Pasquale Ruju, drawings of Paolo Armitano, Elisabetta Barletta and Gianluigi Gregorini and cover by Aldo Di Gennaro. Raymond Cassidy, the hard with the look of the steel, the robber of necessity, and maybe for the passion... The man who, in the America of the legendary Seventies, take on enemies face to face, open and with his 45 in hand... It was said that he was dead, riddled by the bullets of the police, but it is not so.

"What?... What a friend?!... For a hundred thousand devils, stop it, then!". With this phrase, on the web portal of the Bonelli Editore presented “The end of Done Bill”, the register number 79 in the series quattordicinale Tex Classic, on newsstands from Friday 13 march with the subject and script: Gianluigi Bonelli, drawings and cover: Aurelio Galleppini and colors signed GFB Comics. Thanks to the superhuman strength of the irish boxer Pat Mac Ryan, Tex and Carson to save a beautiful young girl by the name Janet from the clutches of some warriors done that were being held in a pueblo abandoned.

The three discover that the young woman is the daughter of Thomas Brent, owner of the ranch the “Double B”, the largest in the valley of Sharon Springs, kidnapped by Topper Jim on the orders of Raf Moran, a sinister businessman who through blackmail, theft and murder are hold throughout the region. The purpose of the Moran: to use Janet to convince her father to sell him the ranch. Heard the whole story, and returned the girl safe from his family making it to accompany Pat, Tex and Carson come to the village of Glendale, the lair of the gang of scoundrels in the pay of the evil ranchero, where the fists and pistol bring order and justice, exposing the corrupt local sheriff.

"A renegade who provides weapons to the indians? Caramba y carambita! I see big trouble on the horizon": this is the phrase of the presentation of "The renegades", the register number 13 reprint monthly Zagor Classic, expected to be in newsstand, always starting from the 13th of march. A group of native americans from unscrupulous wants to drag the indian nations in a bloody war, touches the Spirit with the Hatchet to intervene to avoid the worst. The book has texts by Gianluigi Bonelli, the drawings and the cover of Gallieno Ferri and colors, signed by GFB Comics.

The last appointment of the week is the one with Tex New Reissue number 455, “Revenge of the navajo”. The monthly magazine will be available from the 14th of march, with subject and screenplay by Claudio Nizzi, the drawings of Giovanni Ticci, and a cover of Claudio Villa. Sa-Hua, a young Navajo Reserve, is in jail at Sanders, accused of the murder of judge Kilburne and her daughter, Katy, who had a loving relationship with the native americans.

The citizens, who are enveloped by the businessman Haggarty and his opened up the Talbot, would like to linciarlo. His father, Ki-Nih, the escape against the recommendations of the Tex, which is investigating to prove the innocence of the boy. But to the Navajo it is justice alone, on the barren Balokai Mesa, planting an arrow in the neck of the true murderer of his beloved. The register reprint a story out for the first time in September 1998.

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