Bonelli, the outputs of the week 8-14 October 2018


Published on Oct 08, 2018


In the Far West, if you were black, even a basic right as to be buried in hallowed ground had to be conquered with the fight. But Deadwood Dick not pulling back, you can be sure and you can check it from the reading of the register number 4 of " Deadwood Dick, “The lead and the meat”. The monthly output Tuesday, October 9, has the subject of Joe R. Lansdale, screenplay by Maurizio Colombo, drawings by Pasquale Frisenda cover and Corrado Mastantuono. Arrived at the Hide and Horns, a small village populated by the worst scum of the Far West, Deadwood Dick wants to give to the friend Cramp a burial as a christian. But it is difficult for the racists of the country allow a black to infect the soil of their cemetery. The guns shall roar, and the bodies are piled up and the night is tinged with blood.

The war with the Black Queens is terminated, but the Erondàr is certainly not in peace, as will become clear in the issue of the number 65 of Dragonero, “without a heart”. Without any defence from the fierce marauding Ghouls, the inhabitants of the city crippled by the war are forced to seek the aid of a mercenary company. You know, however, that very often turn to this kind of defenders generate more problems than they solve, especially if to drive them is a man without a shred of conscience, interested only in lining their pockets with gold coins. A very dangerous man, because in the past they hide heinous crimes and bloody atrocities, carried out without the shadow of remorse; a ruthless man, without a soul. The monthly, expected for October 9, has lyrics of Stefano Vietti, drawings by Luca Malisan, Luke Bonessi and Fabio Babich and the cover is signed by Giuseppe Matteoni.

Between the eternal snows of the Himalayas, hides in an ancient mystery, bread for the teeth of the Detective of the Impossible as readers will see from reading Martin Mystère Monthly number 359, “the guardian of The five peaks”, an album scheduled to hit newsstands on Wednesday 10 October with the signatures of Alfredo Castelli (lyrics), Paolo Ongaro (drawings) and Giancarlo Alessandrini (cover). The English Aleister Crowley is a famous occultist and inventor of a form of magic that involved evocations of demons and sex rites; he called himself “The man of most evil in the world”. Less is known, however, his interest in mountaineering: in 1906 he participated in a risky expedition in the Himalayas. Today, on the same paths traveled by Crowley, one of his descendants is the victim of an hallucination after which finds an artifact in the metal. The object mysteriously disappears, and the story sparks the interest of a group of disturbing characters, to the point to induce the climber to ask the help of the Detective of the Impossible.

A terrible crime made in Bologna in the Sixteenth century to propagate his left eco, up to today, as you can ascertain in the “Etched in blood”, the register number 73 of the monthly series of Stories. In the Bologna of today, there are a man haunted by sinister visions, a unique archaeological find, and a mystery that has its roots in the turbulent Italy of the Sixteenth century. Who was, in reality, the printer Francesco Griffo? He died really on the scaffold, executed for the murderer of the son-in-law? It was, perhaps, innocent? The answers in the register in the outlet l’11 of the month with story and screenplay by Emiliano Polo, drawings by Salvo Coniglione and cover by Aldo Di Gennaro.

For Quiro and Esther comes the time to close outstanding accounts in the book number 6, Creepy Past, The “house of mannequins”. The monthly, expected on newsstands on Saturday, October 13, has story and screenplay signed by Bruno Enna and John Gregory, with drawings and cover art by Giovanni Rigano and colour by Alessandra Doctors. It all starts with one of creepypasta's most well-known, a house that survived miraculously the fire that has destroyed an entire village. To live there, of course, are not human beings... and the legend fades in the reality, the circle is closed. It is the time of the final confrontation between Quiro and Slasherman. The research of Alina on the part of Esther comes to completion. The true intentions of the REM is revealed. The Grindhirmm, the mysterious column of light come out of nowhere in another dimension, it reaches its apogee. Now, anything can happen.

"It is good that you have stopped to warm up chairs to the command, Carson. Still a year of that life, and you'd wimp" with these phrases on the site of the Bonelli Editore presented the register number 43 of the series, every quattordicinale Tex Classic. Before his tragic end will be accomplished, Woman Manuela Guzman has just enough time to whisper Tex-words of doom. Mexico is preparing to take advantage of the imminent instability of the territories of the United States, soon to be swept away by a bloody and cruel civil war! Shortly after, Tex, Carson and Kit Willer is found to protect a caravan of refugees live in Utah, assaulted by the fierce Pawnee of Lynx Red. The album, titled “The justice of the desert” and scheduled to hit newsstands Friday, October 12, has texts by Gianluigi Bonelli, drawings and cover: Aurelio Galleppini and colors signed GFB Comics.

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