Bonelli, the outputs of the week 6-12 April 2020


Published on Apr 06, 2020


An adventure with Gros-Jean on the swirling rivers of Canada is the star of “the rock of The devil”, the register number 714 of the monthly series of Tex, available on newsstands beginning Tuesday, April 7, with story and screenplay by Claudio Nizzi, drawings by Corrado Mastantuono and the cover signed by Claudio Villa.

The young Pierre has asked to Gros-Jean to participate in the maiden voyage of the boat paddle “Beautiful Star”. But, suspecting that Jackson, a shipowner, a rival wants to put sticks in the wheels of his pupil, the cute mestizo called in to help Tex and his pard. It is a wise move, because, and is deflected with a flick of the hand towards the rapids of the Cliff of the Devil, the boat load of passengers is going to end up in the trap set by the warlike indians Siksika.

Something mysterious happens in the depths of Vetwasilvhe “The voice of the deep forest”, album number 6 of the monthly series Dragonero, The rebel, out next April 8th.

An ancient power is awakening and no one can predict what the consequences will be. There are no certainties and the same life in the Evening, runs a terrible risk. Will the elf to escape the dark destiny that threatens her? And what is the painful secret that, long ago, began to avvelenarle the soul? The answers in the book that has the subject of Luca Barbieri Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti, screenplay, signed by Barbieri and Vietti, artwork by Gianluca Pagliarani, Giuseppe De Luca and Giuseppe Matteoni and cover of the same Pagliarani.

Past and present mingle in a deadly game in “The man who died twice”, album number 7 of the monthly Martin Mystère, The new adventures color – Second series. Expected on newsstands homegrown for the 9th April format 17×23 cm, 64 color pages, the album has the subject of Alfredo Castelli, script de The “Mysteriani”, drawings of Fabio Piacentini, the cover entrusted to Lucio Filippucci and colors by Daniele Rudoni and Elisa Sguanci.

When a young neo-billionaire, please contact Martin Mystère in order to offer him the impossible mission to recover a sunken treasure guarded in the heart of the wreck of the british liner Lusitania, sunk in 1915 by a submarine the German, our may not even imagine that that is just the beginning of an extraordinary adventure that will take him, and the Java up in the heart of the Bermuda triangle, where they will be concealed by the most amazing secret in the world.

Can the Detective of the Impossible to solve what proves to be an enigma and the resulting claims? The answer in “Kaspar Hauser”, the register number 368 of Martin Mystère, a bi-monthly. We are in 1828: in a square of Nuremberg appears suddenly a boy scared and confused, able to only say a few words, including, perhaps, his name: Kaspar Hauser.

After laboriously learned to speak and write, able to tell us his incredible story: for twelve years he has been kept closed up in a dark room, without any contact with the outside world. In 2020, something similar happens: who is the man “appeared from nothing”, which seems to have lived an experience similar to that of Kaspar Hauser? There is something that binds him to the latter? The answer in the book will be on sale from April 10, with texts by Mirko Perniola, the drawings of Giovanni Nisi and cover by Giancarlo Alessandrini.

Extracted from the archives of the police, the adventures, and the criminals of the late Ray Cassidy come back to life, bringing with it questions and doubts, how are they to ascertain the readers of “Cassidy 2 – The choice of Emily”, the register number 91 of the series of monthly Stories, available on Saturday, April 11, with story and screenplay by Pasquale Ruju, drawings Armitano, Elisabetta Barletta and Thomas White cover and usually Aldo Di Gennaro.

What really happened in the town of Holbrook? Because that seemed to be a “normal” bank robbery has changed in a dramatic showdown between the sheriff McCreary and the outlaws? Perhaps there was “something personal” behind the events of that day lead and fire?

In 1854, in the territories between the Missouri and the Kansas of rampant madness, bloody, as will become evident from the reading of “Kansas”, album number 13 reprint monthly History of the West, waited for the 7th of April, in the format of 19,2×27 cm with 96 pages in full color.

The Southern States are in an endless field of cotton that the slaves of color to make it grow. Men are treated as beasts of burden and as such are bought or sold on the markets, condemned for life to be the property of other men. The States of the North live in a modern economy, mechanized, and from here, there are instances abolizionistiche, not always without interest secondary. The clash is therefore inevitable and takes on the appearance of a cruel war. Both Bill both Pat remain involved: a hard lesson that it teaches how the war can never be right. The album has lyrics and cover art by Gino D'antonio, the designs of Sergio Tarquinio and colours in the care of GFB Comics.

"I have a hundred of these sprinkles, and I would say that they are sufficient to procure a big indigestion to those cats": this is the phrase with which on the portal of the Bonelli is presented "In the hands of Vindex", the register number 81 of the reprint to cadence quattordicinale Tex Classic. To be released on 10 April, the album has texts by Gianluigi Bonelli artwork by Aurelio Galleppini and Francesco Gamba cover of the same Galleppini and colors tagged GFB Comics.

In the exploration in the wilderness of Gila, Tex discovers the existence, inside of a Mayan pyramid, a secret laboratory that has become the base of a mad scientist mexican ribattezzatosi Vindex. These, taking a young colleague hostage, dr. Herman, has created a race of puma giants with which it is subjecting the entire region. After being rejected once the attack sound of the sticks of dynamite, the ranger goes on the offensive, finding and penetrating into the fortress of Vindex, where, however, it is facing the indian warriors, zumas at the service of the crazy inventor. Have fallen into a trap of the evil scientist, Eagle of the Night, he skillfully manages to escape and, with the onset of Carson, Kit and Tiger Jack at the head of the best warriors of the Navajo, he was able to sweep enemies away, and to take in except the doctor held prisoner.

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