Bonelli, the outputs of the week 4-10 may 2020


Published on May 04, 2020


The black death hovers in the amazon rainforest in “The long night”, album number 11 of the monthly series Mister No – The New Adventures, which will open the week of the outputs for the milanese publishing house. The appointment at the newsstand is for may 5th, the album has story and screenplay by Luigi Mignacco, the designs of Roberto Diso cover and signed by Fabio Valdambrini. A deadly threat is made of fangs and claws ready to strike... but between those who want to make a hunting trophy, and those who immortalize her on film, Mister No will have to find a way to protect a wild animal that seems out of place. What is the secret hidden by his sudden appearance? The answer will come from the reading of the new book of the new adventures of Mister No.

In the infamous School Black also a student can provoke a feeling of terror, as will be evident from the reading of “The painter of the School Black”, the register number 242 of the monthly series Dampyr. In spite of the prohibition to recruit students from the Earth after the historic crisis caused by the rebellion of the while promising Harlan Draka, the director-Adar-Melech and his faithful Haborym have made an exception for Adam Weber, a painter of extraordinary talent. Once graduated from high school, Adam meets with, however, an agent of hell who has an account to settle with the Dampyr and his friends. And so, Harlan, Tesla and Kurjak, in the company of Ann Jurging, are projected into the visionary world of Adam Weber, the painter who paints the nightmares of his lost soul. Outbound-Tuesday 5 may, the album has lyrics of Nicola Venanzetti, designs by Michele Cropera and cover signed by Enea Riboldi.

On may 7, the appointment for the readers bonelli at the newsstand will be with “The Odyssey of the Beautiful Star”, the register number 715 of the monthly series Tex, with subject and screenplay by Claudio Nizzi, drawings by Corrado Mastantuono cover and entrusted to Claudio Villa. Behind every bend of the river, there is a danger to travelers on the “Belle Star”: the ferocious indians Siksika, the goons of the company's rival, dried, rapid, landslides, explosions... in Short, this is an authentic odyssey river in the wild territories of the North.

Dylan Dog is coming to grips with three deaths, mysterious as they are bizarre in “Crimes and punishments”, the register, number 33 of the quarterly series Dylan Dog Color Fest, expected on newsstands homegrown from Friday 8 may. A woman travels to Craven Road to engage The Investigator of the Nightmare, saying that he is worried because the husband is haunted by the ghost of his brother who died in mysterious circumstances. A short time after the man is found without life, in a situation of apparent how bizarre suicide, which will be followed, in short, two of the dead similar. To connect them, the common belonging to the world of art. The album has lyrics of Gigi Simeoni, designs the cover and colors to the signature of Davide Furnò.

Something is happening on the Island of the Orcs... something important for the future of their race: the election of the head of all the clans, as well as had not happened for centuries. This tells the story of “The fate of Keyra”, album number 7 of the monthly series Dragonero The Rebel, expected at the newsstand for may 9 with the subject and the screenplay of Stefano Vietti, the designs of Fabrizio Galliccia, Alex Massacci, and Vincenzo Riccardi cover by Gianluca Pagliarani. The expansion of the Empire scares all the Orcs you want to prepare, united states, to a possible future conflict. Ian, Gmor and Aura find themselves involved by their friend Keyra in a trip to the Island to shed light on a mystery which concerns the choice of a common leader... a mystery that comes from the past and that involves Keyra, threatening the lives of all those which accompany it.

Struggles with no quarter and fights to the last drop of blood to welcome the return home of Pat and Bill in “red Sky”, album number 14 of the monthly series the History of the West, the first of two reprints of the Sergio Bonelli Editore in the sale this week of the beginning of may. Brenda Adams, flanked by the faithful Manuel, supervises the farm, Mc Donald, waiting at least Bill returns to the house, but the climate you are doing tense: the indians encroach more and more often with violent looting. Behind their agitation lie iniquitous trafficking and political interests. Such as those of the landowner, Hernando Guzman, who, with the help of the half-blood Yaqui, is selling weapons to the Comanches of Cielito. The farm is raided and Brenda kidnapped right from Yaqui. Here's what they discover Pat and Bill, back home. Outbound on the 6th of may, the album has the subject, script and cover art by Gino D'antonio, the designs of Sergio Tarquinio and colours in the care of GFB Comics.

"For satanas!... They hit Tex!... My poor friend!". With these words, on the portal of the milan publishing house is presented Tex Classic number 83, in the newsstands from day 8 of the month with the title “Ambush on Sandy Creek”. Arrived in the city of Montezuma to investigate about the continuous delays in the construction of an important railway line that will connect the Kansas, Oklahoma, Tex, Carson and the irish boxer Pat Mac Ryan and they discover, after a dangerous investigation to sabotage the company is shady, Gordon, an avid businessman, and his beautiful as the greedy lover Stella.

The pay of the evil pair, two flunkies without scruples, and a deadly band of comanches led by the fierce Red Fox. Only the providential arrival of the three pard prevents the indians to destroy the camp of the workers of the “Kansas & Pacific”, succeeding, finally, to put to flight. Willing to quit the game, the Eagle of the Night, and his friends are thrown to chase and, with a cunning ploy, they are able to have the better of the musi red by dragging them into a trap. Feeling the circle gathered around him, Gordon instructs his henchmen to eliminate the pard, making them jump in the air betrayal while crossing a bridge, but this time our show to be more skilled than their opponents. Escaped death, Tex and the others are returning to the city for a bloody showdown. The quattordicinale has subject and script: Gianluigi Bonelli, drawings and cover: Aurelio Galleppini and colours in the care of GFB Comics.

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