Bonelli, the outputs of the week 31 December 2018, 6 January 2019


Published on Dec 30, 2018


The week of the outputs Bonelli kicks off with the arrival on the newsstands, local Zagor 642: in the register for the January monthly series a scientific expedition forward along the arid slopes of the South-West and is attacked by the indians, who kidnap a woman! Zagor puts on their tracks, discovering the true purpose of the scholars. The album, entitled “Monument Valley” will be available from the 2nd of January with the subject and the screenplay of Moreno Puppets, drawings by Bane Kerac and cover by Alessandro Piccinelli. During the return journey from a trip along the Pacific coast, therefore, Zagor and Cico encounter the remains of a caravan that was attacked by the indians. A survivor, professor Angus McFly, a scholar of language and Greek history, says she has been a member of an archaeological expedition, of which he was part, together with other colleagues at the university of Harvard. The american indians that have made the massacre of his companions kidnapped a woman, miss Julia Schulz, she is also a scholar of the expedition. The Spirit with the Hatchet immediately, with the other two, in search of the marauders and the prisoner. But what they sought, archaeologists in the deserts of the South West? The answer that is provided to the Zagor is such as to leave the mouth open.

A man is being investigated on the charge of having committed a murder of women. The circumstances are against him, but the suspect continues to plead innocent. Shall it be our criminologist to discover the truth in "Julia" 244, “blood Ties”. A young woman found murdered and tied to the bed. It is murder, or a sexual game ended in tragedy? The clues lead Julia and the police at the scion spoilt child of a rich family, with tendencies to sadism. But the man says stubbornly innocent. The monthly outgoing on 2 January, was the subject of Giancarlo Berardi, screenplay of the same Berardi and Lorenzo Calza, drawings of Ernesto Michelazzo cover and Cristiano Spadoni.

A war that does not want to fight, a horror without end. The pain and violence will be able to change Mister No? The answer, perhaps, in Mister No Revolution 2, “I'll be your mirror”. The new issue of the monthly series, available from Thursday, January 3, text by Michele Masiero, drawings signed by Matthew Cremona, cover signed by Emiliano Mammucari, and colours by Giovanna Niro and Luca Saponti. "Sweet, idealistic Maryann... You made because I not left to go to fight from the other side of the world, and yet here I am, a prisoner of the Vietcong, in a dirty war that I do not understand. What has happened to us, Maryann? What roads they took our lives?": with these words, the register is presented on the web site of Bonelli.

The cult of the Black Venus, and of its perverse, bloodthirsty followers is at the center of Dampyr, 226, “Hellfire Club”, which is expected at newsstands, local matches from the third day of the year. The murder of a real estate in the county of Kent puts in light some of the tragic cases of extreme violence... the Only link between them is the symbol of the black goddess and the long shadow of the legendary association of the libertines, the Hellfire Club! The detective from Scotland Yard, Simon Fane, thanks to his powers, understands the matrix supernatural crimes... At his side two specialists: Harlan Draka and Emil Kurjak. The monthly magazine has story and screenplay by Nicola Venanzetti, drawings signed by Fabrizio Longo, and the cover of Enea Riboldi.

To escape a deadly danger for having to immediately worry about another: seems to be this is the destiny of Deadwood Dick. Will never be able to change it? In “Wind of death”, this is the title of the seventh register of the monthly series " Deadwood Dick that will be on sale starting from Saturday, January 5, with texts by Mauro Boselli, the drawings of Stefano Andreucci cover and Corrado Mastantuono. Surviving Adobe Walls to the attack of hundreds of the indians was certainly not a walk... But to be on the run in the company of a white woman is not one of the situations that are more peaceful that can happen to a man from the black leather. You can never fool yourself to be safe, there will always be someone willing to point the first finger, and after the gun, against Deadwood Dick because wants him dead.

Two reprints of the week, the first dedicated to Dylan Dog, the second to Tex. On the 4th of January arrives in newsstand a super classic written by Tiziano Sclavi and drawn by Corrado Roi, in the new re-issues hard-cover color vintage, full of special contents: the monthly series with the title Dylan Dog by Tiziano Sclavi. “Alpha and Omega” is the number 21 of the series and tells the story of how the night is lit by a flash and an object crashes to the ground. The young Amy Irving meets an alien force by the incredible power, the power to shape itself in infinite forms. In front of Dylan Dog open the mysteries of the entire cosmos. What is the secret purpose of the creature? Why did you choose Earth? And because he wants a son to Amy? The answer in the history signed by Tiziano Sclavi and Corrado Roi cover by Gigi Cavenago, and colors of GFB Comics and Luca Bertelé. The volume, as usual, is complemented by a large, new and richly illustrated the apparatus of the editorial.

"Give us a shotgun and put us in front of one of those horrid indians, and then you'll see what we can do!": so, on the web portal Bonelli is presented with the exit number 49 of the series quattordicinale Tex Classic, “The enterprise of Carson”. After discovering that the horrible massacre, and believed the work of the Apaches, hides a plot of a part of powerful white men, Tex, Carson and the young Kit Willer, throw themselves to the rescue of the three young women a unique survivor of the attack. Despite the harsh sprinkling of lead, the gang of snakes killing peace into the hunting of the fugitives. For the three pard get out of it with the skin on the whole will not be a difficult task. The register, expected on newsstands homegrown for Friday, January 4, has the subject and script: Gianluigi Bonelli, drawings and cover: Aurelio Galleppini and colors signed GFB Comics.

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