Bonelli, the outputs of the week 26 November – 2 December 2018


Published on Nov 28, 2018


Martin Mystère and Dylan Dog are together again in the album number 10 of the Maxi Martin Mystère, “abyss of evil”. The output on the 28th of November, was the subject of Carlo Recagno, screenplay of the same Recagno and Alfredo Castelli, the drawings of Giovanni Freghieri with the participation of Giulio Camagni and Sergio Girado and with the contributions of Giancarlo Alessandrini, Luca Enoch, Lucio Filippucci, Nicola Genzianella, Giuseppe Matteoni and Giuseppe Palumbo. The cover is instead of Angelo Stano. In 1990 the Dylan Dog and Martin Mystère meet for the first time, unleashing the dark forces. In 1992, the Detective dell'Impossibile and l'Indagatore dell'Incubo you find, risking to cause even a catastrophe. In 2018 the two will meet again, but this time it reawakened a horror directly dall'inferno, where the black heart of a mind, evil is decided to do anything not to return to his prison. And for Martin, and Dylan is the beginning of a fall into the bottom of an abyss.

Nothing will be the same for Dylan Dog now which begins the cycle of meteora with the register number 387 of the monthly series, “reign in the Chaos!”. While London is on fire from the bloodthirsty Axel, Neil, John Ghost, the nemesis of Dylan is willing to give back a hard time. And, from one moment to the other, the Investigator of nightmares, ends up in the limelight of the media in the unusual guise of a star idolized and hounded by throngs of fans. What is the strategy plotted by the Ghost, to the detriment of the Old Boy? The answer, perhaps, in the history output on the 29 of November with the subject and the screenplay by Roberto Recchioni, drawings Leomacs and Marco Nizzoli, and the cover of Gigi Cavenago. The volume gift in the first 20 Tarot of the Nightmare designed by Angelo Stano.

Zagor and Brad Barron were united against the Morbs in the Color Zagor number 8, “The threat of the Morb”. The six months, on the arrival of the 30 of the month, has lyrics by Tito Faraci, drawings by Walter Venturi, the cover of Alessandro Piccinelli and colors signed by Mad Cow. The Akkroniani are not the only alien race that is threatening the planet Earth! Even the terrible Morbs are lurking, ready to invaderci. Darkwood is the point chosen for the landing, and has already been implanted with the first bridgehead of the invasion, where the aliens conduct their experiments in order to prepare the conquest and the colonization. To help Zagor against the formidable opponents arrive, however, a true expert in the war against the monsters came from space: Bred Barron! Through a passage that connects the parallel worlds, contiguous and similar, but not identical, to the scholar-fighter, joins the Spirit with the Hatchet, bringing him in provided the beam weapons necessary for the battle and all the experience that you are made in his universe and in his time.

A mysterious shaman unleashes his deadly spell. Also this time will be the Spirit with the Hatchet to stop this madness as it will be evident to the readers in the issue of the monthly number 641 of Zagor, “black Tears”. Who is the sorcerer and the indian, come from distant lands, able to kill from a distance with his spells? How will He escape the curse of the Black Tears with which the mysterious shaman hits his victims? The answer in the register on arrival on the newsstands, local from December 1, with story and screenplay by Luigi Mignacco, designs of Gaspare and Gaetano Cassaro cover and Alessandro Piccinelli.

A wave of intolerance, fueled by the savvy local politicians, port the neighborhood of Blossom Hill on the edge of revolt in Julia 243. At Blossom Hill, the neighborhood where she lives, Julia, is an insurgency: some residents have set up a committee and strive to make the district independent from Garden City to prevent the arrival of some refugee families. A committee member is killed, and Julia is involved in the investigation into the murder, including political interests, as well as racial hatred, envy personal. The monthly, entitled “The revolt of Blossom Hill”, will be available from the first day of December with the subject of Giancarlo Berardi, screenplay of the same Berardi and Lorenzo Calza, drawings of Claudius Small and cover by Cristiano Spadoni.

The only reissue of the week is “The fugitive”, album number 572 of the monthly series All of Tex. To be released on 27 November with texts by Mauro Boselli, the drawings of Ernesto Garcia Seijas cover and Claudio Villa, the register tells how, he is hunted by his old enemies, Tex Willer and Sam Donovan, the same men who arrested him thirteen years before, the killer Frank Harris, despite his good intentions, is again on the run from justice. This time is innocent, but has no way to prove it, and his only hope of salvation is to eliminate the two rangers in an ambush in the mountains. Also, unbeknownst to her and Tex, on his trail there is also a team of assassins sent by the evil Owen. The album is released, for the first time in June 2008.

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