Bonelli, the outputs of the week 25 November – 1 December 2019


Published on Nov 25, 2019


Five appointments at the newsstand.

In the Magazine 2019 of Dragonero, on sale from the 26th of the month, two brand new stories in full colour and many of the insights from the world of fantasy.

The annual appointment with Dragonero Magazine is therefore devoted in part to the adventures in comics as protagonists, in two separate stories, Gmor and some mysterious wizards, part of an interesting ride through the thousand realms of the Fantastic, understood as everything that belongs to the world of the imagination and is, therefore, able to astonish and amaze the reader. Or incantarlo. Ever word was chosen with a better knowledge of the cause, saw that the topic of the Magazine are the magicians and the magic! In a long excursus through the life, death, and spells of sorcerers and necromancers of the film, the comics and the novels will be therefore dedicated one of the articles in the volume, accompanied by two stories on the topic written by Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti.

In Luke we find Gmor struggling with a magician really atypical, more accustomed to smoky taverns that dark libraries; in that of Stephen, instead, we will meet with two mysterious sorcerers, that, in spite of themselves, they have to face a serious danger for all the citizens of Vàhlendàrt! Will sventarlo? The answer is not so obvious, because the ways of necromancy are winding and treacherous. Speaking of magic, we move on to the “magic of animation”: could not miss an article dedicated to one of the most important news of 2019, which is the international prize assigned by the cartoon of Dragonero (co-production RAI and SBE) as the best cross media project of the year!

The dossier will tell, through an exceptional iconography, the history of the animation film dedicated to the world of the Fantastic in a span of time from 1908 to present, and which will take readers from the productions disneyane up to the cinema of the rising sun, without forgetting our dear, old Europe... and Italy, capable of creating masterpieces, unfortunately, little known to the general public.

The volume, in size 16×21 inches with 176 pages in colour, has a cover by Gianluca Pagliarani with the colors of Paolo Francescutto. The first of his two stories, “The monk magician”, has story and screenplay by Luca Enoch, designs Christian Kitchen and colours of Valentina Bianconi. The second story, “The power of the magician”, has story and screenplay Stefano Vietti, drawings by Alex Massacci, Fabio Babich and Fabrizio Galliccia and colors of signature of Martina Saviane, Paolo Francescutto and Piky Hamilton.

The origin of Mozok and an exclusive cover materical: this promises to readers in the first issue of the monthly series Odessa Revelations, “the End of the world”, on sale from the 28th of November in the format of 16×21 inches with 96 pages in full color. The album, enclosed by a spectacular cover material, has the texts of Piero Fissore, Davide Rigamonti, designs and colors of Patrizia Mandanici and Simone Ragazzoni, art by Mariano De Biase. Nilak is the fool of the village, the one who everyone looks at with suspicion. The designated victim of bullies looking for a target, confident that no one will never have its parts. Nilak the crazy, Nilak, the weird, Nilak the stupid: and yet, his only fault is to be convinced to know the truth, the terrible able to overthrow for ever the concept of reality. Or the one that everyone has always considered as such.

Thursday, November 29 will be the turn of “just married”, the register number 399 Dylan Dog: while death is about to reign over all the Earth, the main protagonists of the saga of Dylan Dog are ready to attend the celebration of his marriage. The monthly magazine has story and screenplay by Roberto Recchioni, drawings by Marco Nizzoli, Luca Casalanguida, Nicola Mari, Sergio Gerasi and Angelo Stano and the cover of Gigi Cavenago.

The track of the Spirit with the Hatchet crosses that of a monstrous and legendary demon in the Color Zagor number 10, “Witiko!”. The register, on a biannual basis, is expected on newsstands homegrown for the last day of November in the solute size 16×21 inches with 128 pages in color. Has the subject of Moreno Burattini and Roberto Ravera, same signatures of the screenplay. The designs of Emanuele Barison, with cover art by Alessandro Piccinelli and colors by GFB Comics.Zagor, Cico and their friend trapper Doc Lester investigate the fate of a squad of soldiers scattered upon the mountains during a snow storm. The three friends discover the bodies of the military partly devoured by the wolves, but the Spirit with the Hatchet is unaware of the presence in the area, a monstrous being, and is responsible for other tragic deaths. The red indians of a village near there, at which He and his companions are hosted, they call the creature “Witiko”, the name they give to a mysterious demon of their legends.

A day of reckoning, long postponed, is the protagonist of TuttoTEX 584, the only reissue of the week. The monthly, entitled “The two guerrillas, is expected to be in newsstand for the November 27, with story and script by Mauro Boselli, drawings by Corrado Mastantuono and cover by Claudio Villa. In Missouri the Civil War, Tex, and Damned Dick are forced to fight on two fronts: against the guerrillas confederate Rhett Corrigan and against their own comrades in arms, the jayhawkers the u.s. history of the Seventh Kansas, led by captain Jude West. Many years after the end of the war, the two guerrillas enemies unite to take revenge on the citizens of Glendale, and once again found Tex on their way. The register returns to the public at large a story of June 2009.

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