Bonelli, the outputs of the week 2-8 December 2019


Published on Dec 02, 2019


Six appointments at the newsstand.

In Garden City there is a corrupt cop and a dangerous, Julia must stop him. Will you succeed? The response to the register number 255 of the monthly series, Julia, titled “Tiger 19” and expected on sale from 3 December with the subject of Giancarlo Berardi, screenplay of the same Berardi and Maurizio Mantero, drawings of Joseph Peel, and cover Cristiano Spadoni. Evil lurks even among those who should be on the side of “good” and fight crime. It is the case of a corrupt policeman who does not hesitate to kill his partner and two pushers to seize a large consignment of drugs. Julia and Leo Baxter is on his tracks to prevent can get away with it.

The time has come to settle the accounts between all the protagonists of the story caused by the disaster of the mine, Milton Miller: the appointment for the readers, it is with “Revenge without end”, the register number 653 monthly series of Zagor. The revenge without end, Joss Beaumont continues to unfold as the fire which for five years (when there was the mining disaster cost the lives of many workers) the burning from inside the mountain above Keating. The slow self-immolation of the coal he has dug huge underground caverns that the engineer Beaumont, driven mad by the tragedy which barely escaped, he wants to bring down, with the deadly explosive of its manufacture, the “beaumontite”. To hit in his dear Milton Miller, the owner of the mining company that he considers responsible for the disaster of the Keating, Joss kidnaps Mary, his daughter, attracting all the protagonists of the story (Miller, Zagor, O'connor and his men) in the ghost town, where you consume the last act of the tragedy. The album will be on sale from 3 December, has the subject of Vittorio Sossi, screenplay, signed by Mirko Perniola, drawings by Alessandro Chiarolla cover and Alessandro Piccinelli.

Christmas is tinged with blood Dampyr 237. The appointment with the monthly magazine, titled this time “the Krampus!”, is for Wednesday, December 4: the album has the subject of Francesca Scotti screenplay by Claudio Falco, drawings, Fabrizio Longo, and cover art by Enea Riboldi. Every Christmas night, the demonic servants of St. Nicholas are invading the quaint snowy villages of northern Italy. Sophie Mutter at the University of Freiburg and her boyfriend sardo, Angelo Sanna, investigating the folklore of south tyrol. The masked men, or monsters? Legend or reality? The shadow of an old enemy stretches still the beautiful Country and only the intervention of a Dampyr may solve the mystery of the Krampus cursed.

A uranium mine in care and a friend in danger to remove the hook, or the ordinary administration for Jerry Drake in Mister No – The new adventures 6. The monthly magazine, titled “cost of life”, is expected to be on sale from 4 December. While they are still trying to shed light on the dirty maneuvers that revolve around the uranium mine in the jungle, Mister No and Esse-Esse have another serious problem: their friend, the blood of Jesus is finished in a maximum security prison accused of a crime he did not commit. Make it out from that hell will not be precisely a walk. The volume has the texts of Maurizio Colombo and Luigi Mignacco, drawings of Marco Foderà and Roberto Diso cover of Fabio Valdambrini.

At Christmas, it is tradition to tell stories, ghostly next to the fireplace, as you can see from the Special Tex Willer number 1, “Ghosts of Christmas”. The volume, published yearly, will be available from December 5th in size 16×21 cm 128 pages black-and-white and color. The album has the subject of Mauro Boselli, Marco Nucci and Giulio Antonio Gualtieri, the screenplay of the first, drawings of Marco Ghion, the cover of Maurizio Dotti and colors of Gianmauro Cozzi. The wild and uninhabited mountains, Uintah, according to the legends of the Utes, are the abode of evil spirits... Only the Spanish conquistadors passed through, a long time ago, in search of gold... On the run from the law, Tex looks for a safe haven, an old hut, where he spoke to the friend Dusty. But amid the furious storms and avalanches, in the shack they are holed up the three bandits, a girl, their prisoner, and a gold seeker who knows the old legends of the Uintah... ghost Stories to pass the time.

Two appointments with the reissues of the week. The first is the register number " 9 " of the History of the West, “The gold of California.” The research of George Adams, the father of the Bill, is far more complex than Pat could have imagined; and take different tracks, including a passage for San Francisco, a crowd gone mad because of the gold fever. Here Mac Donald found Colonel Hays, the former commander of the Texas Ranger, now the only representative of the law in the city. Hays asks his friend to help him in his thankless task, Pat accepts, and randomly run into new tracks of George. The monthly available from 6 December, has lyrics by Gino D'antonio, the designs of Sergio Tarquinio, cover of the same D'antonio and colors, signed by GFB Comics.

"Believe Me, Sheriff! I have enough experience to recognize a rascal at first sight!": with this sentence on the website of the Bonelli Editore presented Tex Classic number 73, “A dastardly rascal”, and the second reissue of the week. The quattordicinale, expected for Friday, December 6, has lyrics of Gianluigi Bonelli, the drawings and the cover of Aurelio Galleppini, and colors, signed by GFB Comics. Tex Willer and his partners are investigating a war that sees opposing the poor farmers and ruthless gunslingers in the service of a sinister businessman named Gideon. When everything seems to turn in the favour of the rangers, behold the arrival of the young lady Desmond, the daughter of one of the owners of the lands where it is appropriate with the deception and Gideon, reveals that the true purpose of the outlaws are the ones to get your hands on a gold mine, which is located right on one of those grounds. Made to seize the girl, the Eagle of the Night, he launches the rescue and after a long investigation dating back to the hideout where bandits held captive maiden. He arrives in time to free the young man but, for the band of rogues there is already nothing to do: they killed each other in a dirty settlement of accounts to which you have escaped only the cowardly Gideon, who seems to be more poisonous than a thousand rattlesnakes.

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