Bonelli, the outputs of the week 15-21 July 2019


Published on Jul 15, 2019


Humanity seems to have lost all hope of salvation. Who will bring back balance in the world? This is the question that you will do the readers of Darwin number 2, “Die and be born”. The monthly magazine, in newsagents from Tuesday, July 16, format 17×23 cm, 64 pages, black and white, will have story and screenplay signed by Michele Masiero, drawings, and the cover of Luigi Piccatto, Renato Riccio and Matthew Santaniello. While everything around them seems to have gone mad, are you guys (Kent, Darwin, Ryan, Chiko, Arachne, Sally, and a Lizard) try to survive: they are the Indigos, the only hope of restoring balance to the world and save the future of humanity. But where are they from really? Someone seems to have created many years before for that purpose. Someone who knew what was going to happen.

What is the “craft of the devil”, and how it can be useful, the Detective of the Impossible to discover it? This is the question at the base of the new appointment with Martin Mystery Novels are Unpublished, the number three in the series annual, entitled “the craft of The devil”. We are in 1914: in the house of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright you consume vicious crimes. In the summer of 1969, however, it is the time of the murders by the Manson Family. What drives some people to carry out “the craft of the devil”? The first to find out is Arthur William Bradley, creator of the Axis Mundi: an organization formed only from him and from her personal computer, however, able to interfere with each apparatus of the security of the United States of America. Bradley is opening a Pandora's box and only Martin Mystère can solve a riddle before it is too late. The novel by Andrea Carlo Cappi from the character created by Alfredo Castelli will be available from 17 July, with 160 pages black-and-white in size 16×21 inches.

The Agenzia Alfa is the best on the square: features of the men in the leg and advanced technologies. But the agent Bruce Mannigan, the Shelter will prove to be at the height? The response to the Attack, in Memorial Plaza, register number 338 of the monthly series Nathan Never, expected on newsstands homegrown for the next 18 of July with texts by Giovanni Eccher, drawings of Paolo Di Clemente cover and entrusted to Sergio Girado. Two parallel surveys intertwine when Nathan Never and Legs Weaver, trying to identify who is responsible for an explosive attack in Memorial Plaza, collide with Bruce Manningan a private Agency Shelter, specialized in VIP protection. Their goal is common... but for Bruce, the thing is too damn personal.

Tex and Tesah are in the hands of their enemies in the book number 9 of the monthly series Tex Willer, called “Sierra Madre”. Betrayed and tortured, with chains at the wrists, the young Tex has not lost the calm and courage, while he and Tesah lead the general Ortega, the ranchero Contreras and their men to the hiding place of the sacred treasure. Of course have not the slightest intention of bringing them to the hiding place, true, but, once at the end of the track, their deception will be punished with death. Therefore, Tex has come up with something, even if it is only and unarmed, against thirty opponents, in the heart of the wild Sierra Madre. The register, in the release Thursday, July 18, has story and script by Mauro Boselli, the drawings of Bruno Brindisi cover of Maurizio Dotti.

Suspended between nightmare and fairy tale, the Knight errant has to deal with his ghosts personal in the Special Brendon's number 17, “The last tears of the fairies”, expected on newsstands for the July 20 in size 17×23 inches with 64 pages in black-and-white, and the signatures of Claudio Chiaverotti (texts), Cristiano Spadavecchia (drawings) and Lola Airaghi (cover). At the crossroads of the californian desert, Brendon tries to drown in alcohol the sense of guilt for having killed an innocent person by mistake, in the course of the frantic pursuit of a murderer. Meanwhile, the very orcs seek to take possession of the secrets of Wildo Jumper, the gunsmith of the Lorg, who built the gun to Brendon.

Three appointments per week with the reissues. It begins on the 16th of the month with Tex New Reissue 447, which returns to the audience, “Armed Escort”, the story originally issued in January 1998. The colonel Olivera has faked his death to escape from prison, and he did kidnap the child of Conchita, a time woman Galindez, why try to convince Tex to let him spare his escape to the United States. Olivera has blown a fortune in diamonds to his ex appears Zamora who, foaming with anger, says it all to the director of the prison Cardoso, promising him half the loot in exchange for freedom. The cunning official plans, however, to keep all the loot, and allies with the desperados of Emiliano Ruiz for braccare Olivera and his reluctant armed escort. The monthly magazine has the story and the script by Claudio Nizzi, artwork by Fernando Fusco cover signed by Claudio Villa.

Gruesome crimes made in the manner of the sioux lead Julia to the indian reserve of Pine Ridge in the “If mountains die”, album number 9 of the reprint monthly Julia. The cases stored expected on 17 July with the story and the script by Giancarlo Berardi, designs of Giorgio Trevisan with the collaboration of Laura Sugar and the cover of Mark's Money. A series of offences committed in the manner of the Sioux... a grisly tribal ritual celebrated by an unknown criminal, to which Julia should give the face. The Investigator of the Soul are embraced in the modern West, going to the indian reserve of Pine Ridge, South Dakota. The journey of Julia will not only be focused on the search of the killer in that far-off world, fascinating and full of contradictions, it will also find itself.

"Whatever may be my fate, can't change yours, which is to end up dangling from a gallows!": with this quote from the website of the Bonelli is presented Tex Classic 63, the new reissue number quattordicinale titled “Tex sticks”. On the trail of the bloodthirsty bandits who assaulted and robbed a stagecoach, by killing all of its occupants, Tex Willer, you come across the sole survivor that puts him in the current that the objective of the attack were two boxes full of gold coming from the bank of a nearby country. To find the culprit of the attack and the horrible massacre, the ranger swap his clothes and his identity with the survivor, and, under this disguise, he returned to the country to investigate in the shadows. The album, out Friday 19, has lyrics of Gianluigi Bonelli, the drawings and the cover of Aurelio Galleppini, and colors signed GFB Comics.

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