Bonelli, the outputs of the week 15-21 April 2019


Published on Apr 15, 2019


Jerry Drake begins his escape towards the unknown in the Mister No Revolution 5, “give Me shelter”. The monthly magazine will be on newsstands on April 17, with story and script: Michele Masiero, drawings by Matteo Cremona and Alessio Avallone, cover signed by Emiliano Mammucari, and colors of duo Giovanna Niro and Luca Saponti. A house in the neighborhood float, a job search, a Country that looks to the future, but ruled with an iron fist. What are you doing Mister No to Manaus? What he wants from him that mysterious blonde woman north american?

The Agenzia Alfa is in danger: Elania Elmore has been kidnapped. So the register number 335 of the monthly series Nathan Never, entitled “Elania is gone!”. When Elania Elmore is kidnapped by a commando of the paramilitaries, along with her son Matthew, all the Agenzia Alfa gets to work to find them and bring them back home. Temporarily resurrected Solomon Darver, while the agents fight against the time investigating on the enemies of the Agency could hide behind the despicable act, Elania will find that the interest of his kidnapper is a lot more personal. Out Friday, April 19, the monthly has lyrics of Davide Rigamonti, drawings of Vanessa Belardo and cover by Sergio Girado.

Tesah is gone! But who kidnapped her? The indians or the comancheros? The answer in the book number 6 in the monthly series Tex Willer, called “Coyoteros!” and waited on newsstands from the 20th of the month with the signatures of Mauro Boselli (lyrics), Bruno Brindisi (disegni), and Maurizio Dotti (cover). A handful of young people daring forwards in the wild territories on the border to save the girls and the baby kidnapped from the ranch and around Saint Thomas. But the hunters are at risk of becoming prey, when they find themselves cornered by a horde of Apaches feared.

The two-weekly appointments with the reprints. The first is with Tex New Reissue 444, “The lagoon” dead". From his ghostly temple in the Lagoon Died, where he took refuge with the charming Lohana and the old priest voodoo Omoro, the Tiger, the Black maneuver to New Orleans, the children of the Lord of the Cemeteries, led by the powerful Juffure. The pard are keeping an eye on the owner Lavasseur and his network of henchmen, but when Tex and Carson, believe that they have taken the right track, darts narcotic strike them to betrayal. The two awaken in a swamp, hung to a tree in front of a grinning Tiger in Black, while below the sway of hungry alligators. The monthly is expected from April 16, with story and screenplay by Claudio Nizzi, drawings of Fabio Civitelli cover and Claudio Villa.

The second weekly appointment with the reissues is the one with the exit number 6 of the monthly series, Julia. The cases are stored, the “Skip the thief”. The output 17 of the month, the book presents readers with the story and the script by Giancarlo Berardi, drawings of Marco Money with the collaboration of Laura Sugar and cover the same Money. Type awake, the little Skip! Of the rest, with a master like Floyd, the art of theft, acrobatic not to have a lot of secrets. The stakes, this time, is an envelope with the photos... Photos for which someone is willing to kill. Caught in the act by two other “recovery” much less sympathetic to him, to Skip all that remains is escape... straight into the arms of the police, which promptly arrived on the theatre of the crime. If it would not be too willing to giurarlo, this is the salvation for the young follower of Arsene Lupin, why is it so that you will have the opportunity to find his guardian angel. A special type of guardian angel, which deals with criminology, she plays the piano in his spare time, and responds to the name of Julia Kendall.

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