Bonelli, the outputs of the week 13-19 may 2019


Published on May 14, 2019


The week of the outputs Bonelli opens with the arrival on newsstands of Italian of the seventeenth nation dedicated to the world of Nathan Never, a volume that brings with it three amazing stories: a couple in escape in the jungle that needs to be found, a shrewd tycoon who tries to steal the Alfa Agency, and a series of crimes related to the disappearance of a rich business man.

The appointment with the Maxi Nathan Never number 17 is scheduled for Friday, may 17. The half-year with 288 pages and the cover of Davide Gianfelice offers readers three stories: the first is the “Green Hell” (the Subject and script: Lucio Sammartino; Drawings: Fabrizio Busticchi/Mario Jannì, Luana Paesani): Nathan is sent on a mission in the area of the Great western Depression, in what was once the basin of the Amazon river and which today is flooded by the waters of the ocean: will have to find a couple escape into the jungle and retrieve a valuable database containing information that could destroy a sordid trade in human organs.... in a country where life is worth less than zero. The second story of this album is “invisible Enemies” (Subject and script: Riccardo Secchi; Drawings by: Mario Rossi): the unprejudiced Winnfield has the Angel Marine, the company that developed the Poseidon on which they live, Branko and May. Major shareholder of the Alfa Agency, using deception and intimidation, is now trying to rastrellarne more shares to become the majority shareholder. Nathan, however, inquiring into the alleged attempted suicide of Cliff Moreland, another member of the board of directors, patient of dr. Herschfeld, is aware of the shady plans of Winnfield and warns of Elania from the maneuvers that the helper is scheming behind her. The third and final story is “Exchange of lives” (Subject and script: Giovanni Gualdoni; Drawings: Gino Vercelli): the sudden death of Milton Herst, one of the richest men of the City, East and the owner of a company that supplies weapons to the police and army, gives off a series of attacks and murders related to the immense legacy that, for unclear reasons, was destined to a young orphan, destitute, without any link to the apparent with Herst. Called to investigate, Nathan Never will have to protect the guy, which many are trying to get out.

Nathan Never is ready to put the word end to the insane plan of Francis Foley as can be verified with the readers of the register number 336 of the monthly series Nathan Never, “Nightmares and paradises”, on sale from Saturday, may 18 with the subject and screenplay by Davide Rigamonti, drawings signed by the duo Fabrizio Busticchi & Luana Paesani cover and design by Sergio Girado. An unexpected message from space brings Nathan on the trail of Elania Elmore and his son, Matt, kidnapped by the mysterious individual. However, to reach them, and bring them in unless you prove to be anything but easy. While on board the orbiting station, the director of the Agenzia Alfa the struggle to save herself, her son and the creepy little boy who continues to call her “mom”, a new threat causes them to explode with its full force on the folly of Foley. Apparently, his is not the only love not to be paid. Those who buy this album will receive a gift, even the number zero of Odessa, the new series of science-fantasy, Sergio Bonelli Editore, the first of which the official register is expected to be in the next may 25, with texts in Davide Rigamonti, drawings of Matthew Resinanti, cover, and color signature of Mariano De Biase.

Between appointments with the reissues this week: space Zagor, Tex, and Julia. It starts on Tuesday 14 may with the arrival on the newsstands, local Zagor Classic 3. ""There are a thousand drums! These funny guys are sprouting like mushrooms... I will be forced to put them in two at a time!": with this sentence you presented the book, on the web portal of the Publisher Sergio Bonelli. “The death invisible”, this is the title of the new issue of the monthly series tells the story of how, in pursuit of two dangerous fugitives, who fled from fort Atkinson while they were waiting to be transferred to the penitentiary of St. Louis, Zagor discovers that the two criminals are on the trail of a totem mysterious stolen by the conquistadors Spanish. According to the legend, the idol would be studded with precious gems, bringing, however, is also a tragic reputation, to be an object cursed able to kill anyone the uninitiated. The volume has subject and script: Guido Nolitta, drawings and the cover of Gallieno Ferri with colours, signed by GFB Comics.

Wednesday, 15 coming in the newsstand Tex New Reissue 445, “night of the zombies” which reprints an adventure published for the first time in November 1997. The monthly album has lyrics signed by Claudio Nizzi and Mauro Boselli, drawings of Fabio Civitelli and Carlo Raffaele Marcello cover signed by Claudio Villa. Tiger Jack and Kit Willer saves Tex and Carson from the alligators, and the powerful priest voodoo Omoro awakens a host of the dead aizzarli against the pards! In the grand pandemonium, the Tiger, the Black one, escapes together with the beautiful Lohana, vowing revenge. Time after, the icy mountains of Nevada, a gang of ruthless assassins and derail the train 809 of the Central Pacific to rob the payroll for the army. The bandits are, however, bone hard to gnaw: on the train traveling Tex, mr. Castleman and his bodyguard, Shadrach. In this issue, from page 5 to page 62, readers will follow the conclusion of the adventure that started previously and signed by the duo Nizzi-Civitelli, while from page 63 to the end of space to The “tragedy of the train 809”, Boselli, Marcello.

The three deaths at the same time, in the name of the ancient god Aton, will be the protagonists of Julia. The cases stored 7, “The eye of the Sun”. The monthly magazine will be available from may 17 with the subject of Giancarlo Berardi, screenplay of the same Berardi and Maurizio Mantero, drawings, Enio Legisamón (Enio), and the cover of Mark's Money. Three people are killed at the same time at noon exact: they were the followers of Aton, a god who asked his faithful to sacrifice their own life... Julia understands that there is no time to lose: should stop as soon as the fanatic who guide the “Children of the Sun”, if he wants to prevent the other followers of this sect are involved in a suicide ritual of the mass. The investigation is complex and dangerous, as evidenced by the tragic ending.

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