Bonelli, the outputs of the week 13-19 April 2020


Published on Apr 13, 2020


It starts on 16 April with the Maxi Dampyr 10, “storylines”: a collection in a unique, unmissable volume are all the short stories dampyrian published over the years.

In size 16×21 inches, the book has 112 pages of black and white and cover by Alessandro Baggi, with logo design “Dampyr 20” Elena Giampaoli: offers readers the mythical Number Zero seven miniavventure Italian; it is also embellished with a blood-stained cover, underlining with a glowing special effect to the logo of the 20 years.

These, in detail, the stories: “Number Zero” (story and screenplay: Mauro Boselli and Maurizio Colombo; Drawings: Majo, Maurizio Dotti, Nicola Genzianella, Luca Rossi, Alessandro Baggi), with the first appearance of Harlan, Kurjak and Tesla; “the Vampires of sand” (story and screenplay: Mauro Boselli; Drawings: Maurizio Dotti), which celebrates the return of the monsters of Kostacki; “The cemetery of the rides” (Subject and script: Diego Cajelli; Drawings: Antonio Fuso), that tells the story of a life of evil in a luna-park, abandoned; “Dance of the end of the summer” (Subject and script: Claudio Falco; Drawings: Daniele Statella, Marco Fara), with the seduction of the monstrous in the Grand Hotel fellini; “On the shores of the unknown” (story and screenplay: Giorgio Giusfredi; Drawings: Maurizio Rosenzweig), in which the Great Ancients found a gate to the Convention of the comic book; “The emblem of the dragon” (story and screenplay: Giorgio Giusfredi; Drawings: Marco Villa), in which we see Draka and Erlik Khan in the siege of Ariminum; “Night at Narni” (story and screenplay: Mauro Boselli; Drawings: Stefano Andreucci), in which Stefano Andreucci will come across in his character, Sir Varney; “Lucrezia” (the Subject and screenplay: Alessandro Scibilia; Drawings: Michael Cropera), with a romantic and deadly spectre in the castle of Dolceacqua.

Tropical City, the city in which Nathan Never moved, is something more than just a shelter, it's a place where you wait, as will become clear from a reading of "Nathan Never" 347, “The next victim”.

The monthly magazine will be released on the 17th of April with the subject and script: Bepi Vigna, artwork by Ivan Fiorelli and cover by Sergio Girado. The expectation is that you look back at their mistakes of the past, to reflect on their own choices and, in the meantime, find yourself a new occupation, something he can do really well, maybe on their own. Wait... Why Nathan knows that, sooner or later, it will fail to find a track that will lead up to the man that he used, leveraging on its weaknesses: Yasser Zaghal.

On the tracks of Tex there is Brian's Display, the man who never gives a prey, nor The “federal agent”, album number 18 of the monthly series Tex Willer.

Also, if Tex moves continuously, from Arizona to Texas, from Texas to Louisiana, a shadow, relentless, is always in the ribs: Display is a policeman, federal, which means that its jurisdiction extends to all the United States and their territories. There is no escape, for Tex, which remains only the escape, why not plan to open fire on the guardians of the law. Hunted by a posse of vicesceriffi wizard from the Display, the young bandit starts out toward the unknown regions. The output 18 of the month, has lyrics by Mauro Boselli, the drawings of Michele Rubini and the cover of Maurizio Dotti.

"Woha! There is something wrong... the silence of the Dark is inexplicable!": with this sentence on the website of the Bonelli Editore is presented Zagor Classic number 14, “The witch of the swamp black”.

The monthly, expected for Tuesday, the 14th of April, subject and script: Gianluigi Bonelli, the drawings and the cover of Gallieno Ferri and colors tagged GFB Comics. Darkwood Black Hawk, wise leader of the Tribe of the Crows, and asks for the help of Za-gor-te-nay to fight the curse of Yaska, an old witch that lived in the Great Swamps, he claims offers from anyone who goes through it, killing anyone who dares to challenge. The Spirit with the Hatchet, accepts the assignment and, ignoring the warnings of the crone, is soon to come to grips with his deadly assistant New.

The second reissue of the week is dedicated to Tex. Wednesday, April 15th will be in the newsstand “above the law”, the register number 456 of the monthly series Tex New Reissue.

A left organisation is guilty of serious crimes in San Francisco, ammantandosi of ambiguous morality. The sect, in fact, killing on request and for a fee, providing free services to the poor customer, in the cases in which the Law and the courts fail to do justice! The chief of police, Tom Devlin instructs Tex and Carson investigate the case, and the pard discover that is not always the company of self-styled avengers, kill for a strict, even if debatable, in the sense of the Law. The album, released for the first time in October 1998, texts by Claudio Nizzi, drawings of Victor De La Fuente and cover by Claudio Villa.

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