Bonelli, the outputs of the week 12-18 November 2018


Published on Nov 12, 2018


After the preview in the library, the first number in the version from the newsstand of the new series by Gianfranco Manfredi is ready to end up in the hands of the readers. Tuesday, November 13, will in fact be available “sixty-Eight”, the first issue of the monthly series loose Dogs, with story and screenplay by Gianfranco Manfredi and drawings, and the cover of Luca Casalanguida. Six young students, around twenty years, they tighten the friendship in the Milan of the late ’60s, in the course of the first occupations and demonstrations. Diverse in their character and inclinations, nonetheless in the course of the years their relationship. We follow the interweaving of their lives, starting from the Sixties, but we also see “difference” as they became the protagonists twenty years after, such as personal experiences, and what crucial events of collective History, have led them to be transformed, in the transition between youth and ripe age.

The fourth investigation of commissario Ricciardi is the novel of the autumn. Is held under a driving rain that never stops falling, and that seems to remove from the head the thoughts and the heart, the feelings. “The day of the Dead”, album number 4 of the series, quarterly seasons of the commissioner Ricciardi, will be available from the 14th of November with the subject of Maurizio de Giovanni, the screenplay signed by Sergio Brancato, Claudio Falco and Paul Terracciano, drawings of Luigi Siniscalchi cover and Daniel's Billiard table with colors of the signature of Marco Matrone. We are in the Autumn of 1931. A heavy rain passes through Naples. A baby is found dead at Capodimonte. Who killed the poor Tettè? The Police and prepares to receive the Duce, while the commissario Ricciardi must investigate a case of terrible and cruel.

The adventures of Tex when he was still a wild outlaw, are the protagonists of the new monthly series Tex Willer, the release of the inaugural issue, “dead or Alive!”, it is scheduled for the 16th of the month, with texts by Mauro Boselli, the drawings signed by Roberto De Angelis and the cover of Maurizio Dotti. Seventy years after its first appearance, we find Tex chased by lawmen and bounty hunters in the first of a new series, quick and dry as a rifle, that narrate the episodes of unknown youth of our hero. In this episode, and the initial Boselli and De Angelis, we discover the backstory never told her about the first, historical register of Tex, “Il Totem misterioso”, with the birth of the hatred between Tex and the sinister Coffin and the tragic story of the beautiful indian Tesah, between shootings, ambushes, and ride through thick and thin on the young steed Dynamite.

Investigating the disappearance of a prototype of an assault, the Alfa Agents make surprising discoveries about the author of the theft in “The sins of the fathers”, the register number 330 of Nathan Never. Come out exhausted, but winners from the hideout of their latest is the antagonist, he is involved in a massive arms trafficking, the Alfa Agents will have to contend with the theft of Gunny, the prototype of an assault that Mendoza is testing for the account of Elania Elmore. The culprit of the theft is revealed to be a character who in the Agency have come to know well. And also about his past, there will be sensational revelations. The monthly outbound on Saturday, 17, has story and screenplay by Mirko Perniola, drawings of Oskar and cover by Sergio Girado.

Double the appointment with the reprints. On the occasion of its twenty years of Julia's comes a new monthly series that presents the best episodes of the series, Julia. The cases are stored. The register of usher, “The eyes of the abyss”, will be on newsstands from Thursday, November 15. Julia is a criminologist and teaches at the university of Garden City, and collaborates occasionally with the police. Now she is trying to forget a terrible experience which has been a victim, and that he marked it in deep. But a new series of murders is back to bloody the city. Among the girls killed, also a student of his course. Julia, impressed by the event, agree to follow the case and goes on the trail of a serial killer: the nightmare begins again. The monthly magazine has texts by Giancarlo Berardi, drawings of Luca Vanini, and the cover of Mark's Money.

The other appointment with the reprints of the publisher Bonelli, always starting from the 15th of the month, it is with Tex New Reissue 439, which returns to the public at large a story originally published in may 1997, “The secret of the emperor”. The monthly magazine, with texts by Mauro Boselli, the drawings of Carlo Raffaele Marcello cover of Claudio Villa, tells the story of Shane O'donnell, a revolutionary feniano chased out of Ireland by his own leaders, helps the Band of the Irish to the escape of two accomplices to a prison in mexico. The plan is to snatch the fabulous treasure of the Emperor Maximilian, now protected by an army of outlaws armed to the teeth and led by general Carrasco, and colonel of the habsburg Herzfeld. The pards must contain the irish in the United States, where they will be forgiven for the crimes he committed in Texas, but they want to make the last shot and, with Pat Mac Ryan, the hostage, forcing Tex to support them.

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