Bonelli, the outputs of the week 11-17 November 2019


Published on Nov 07, 2019


Is it really possible exit from the ride? The answer in the book number 86 of The Stories, the series anthology-monthly by the Publisher Sergio Bonelli. “Keller 1 – A face, two lives”, this is the title of the volume, will be available on newsstands from Tuesday, November 12, with story and screenplay by Luigi Mignacco, the drawings of Paul Raffaelli and cover, as usual, Aldo Di Gennaro. We're in Brooklyn, in 1924: during a religious procession, here are a resound of gunshots. The deadly assassin, Kid Carter has struck again! It is the beginning of a story of blood and crime, a dark and tense gangster story in the years of the fire of the Great Depression.

Monstrous creatures hunting humans between the peaks of the Himalayas are the protagonists of “the War in Prehistory”, the register number 2 of Martin Mystery The New Adventures Color – Second Series. The monthly magazine is expected on newsstands on the 12th of the month in the format of 17×23 cm, 64 color pages. On the trail of a shipment mysteriously disappeared in Tibet, Martin and Java venture between the unexplored peaks of the roof of the world, where they encounter a lost civilization, populated by men and women of neanderthals survived extinction. To threaten the community are of the monstrous simian-like creatures with four arms, the origin of which dates back to an ancient war fought at the beginning of time, in the legendary civilization of Atlantis and Mu. The album has lyrics of the signing of The “Mysteriani”, drawings of Sauro Quaglia, cover signed by Lucio Filippucci and colors by Daniele Rudoni and Elisa Sguanci.

The Loose Dogs begin to deal with the question, “what shall we do to be great?”, not giving up to pursue their own ideals, “The park,” album number 13 of the monthly series entitled, precisely, Dogs on the Loose. Outbound on the 13th of November, the album has story and screenplay by Gianfranco Manfredi and drawings, and the cover of Patrizia Mandanici. Is the 1971. Pablo, Lina and Marghe teach in a school of the workers of the milanese belt. From a local group conceived the idea of occupying a large private park, to return it to the citizenship. But from Milan come the departments of the riot police.

The absolute Evil is about to make his move: how to stop it? The answer, perhaps, in the issue of the number 6 in the monthly series Darwin, “at The end of the day”, out on Saturday, November 16. The road to Bugarach, to the kids, Indigo, is marked by the dramatic events that them will change for ever: the death seems to follow them at every step, up to the extreme sacrifice, which unleashes dark forces. The horror comes from a past that seems to mix with the future, and the certainties crumble, and the reference points are labile. The book has texts by Michele Masiero, drawings, and the cover of Luigi Piccatto, Renato Riccio and Matthew Santaniello.

Double the appointment with the reprints. The first is with Tex New Reissue 451, on sale from 14 November. The monthly, entitled “Opium”, it returns to the public at large a story out for the first time in may of 1998 and has texts by Claudio Nizzi, drawings of Andrea Venturi cover by Claudio Villa. The theatre street-mr. Morgan, is used by the unfaithful wife of the master and his lover, the beautiful of the company, to circulate the opium introduced in America by the tong of Wuang Ching: a dirty traffic, on which to investigate, Tex and Carson. An evil member of the group has discovered all, and, in order to obtain a nice slice of the substantial pie of the profits, slips real bullets into a revolver of the scene. And so Morgan, who knew and suffered the adulterous affairs of his wife, kills his rival during a performance.

Friday 15 November will be the turn of “slaves of the mine”, album number 9 in the series of monthly Zagor Classic. Guests of the Cayuga, a peaceful tribe of indians, Zagor and Cico are found in a misadventure when the pot-bellied mexican, exchanged erroneously for a redskin, is kidnapped by a gang of traffickers of human beings. Sold as a slave, Cico is found in a mine in the company of other indians forced to work in conditions that are terrifying, on pain of torture and death. To their rescue comes Zagor that, to get the better against such enemies as numerous as they are ruthless, will have to give way to a real revolt. The album has text, drawings and the cover of Gallieno Ferri with the colors entrusted to GFB Comics.

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