Bonelli, the outputs of the week 11-17 may 2020


Published on May 11, 2020


There is a final after the final? A farewell after the farewell? The answers in “Cassidy 3 – The man of the dreams”, album number 92 of the monthly series of Stories.

On sale from 12 may, the album has story and screenplay by Pasquale Ruju, the drawings of Thomas White, Ivan Zoni and Armitano and cover by Aldo Di Gennaro. Page after page, the FBI agents Clayton and Foster) dig into the past of the late Raymond Cassidy, while the ex-wife and the children with the past and seek to be reconciled. Only in this way, under the bark of the outlaw, they will come to the father, the husband, a free man who was always against everything and everyone. A man preparing to riservar them one last surprise, and a final, unforgettable farewell.

The Alfa Agent is traveling in the First Republic in search of a missing man in “The cemetery of the giants”, the register number 348 of the monthly series Nathan Never. Taichi Establishing is nowhere to be found, was last seen entering the forest of Odakawa. The sister of the man is very worried and hires Nathan Never to find him. In fact, the forest is known for being the place in which lie the carcasses of the huge military robot with which it has fought a recent war, but, above all, for the suicides that have occurred. Output the 16 of the month, the register has the text of Michele Medda, drawings and cover by Sergio Girado.

"There are a thousand scalps! I hope that does not happen anything unpleasant to the unconscious trippone!". With these words, on the portal of the Bonelli was introduced to “The little people”, album number 15 of the monthly series Zagor Classic, expected on newsstands homegrown starting from the 14th of the month, with texts by Gianluigi Bonelli, the drawings and the cover of Gallieno Ferri and colors tagged GFB Comics.

In an attempt to free the raven tribe from the curse of the witch Yaska, Zagor must face threats from supernatural to reach the lair of the crone. After a confrontation with a Long Knife, secret son of the sorceress, who sought to become the new chief of the Crows, Zagor and Cico return to Fort Henry, where they meet the large and irascible hunter skins Kirk, where we depart for the North to stop a war between the indians and the settlers. Along the way, however, Cico falls into a trap and ends up a prisoner of the mysterious pygmies.

Friday 15 appointment with the Tex New Reissue 457, “Chain of murders”. Tex and Carson dismantle the shadowy organization that had arrogated the right of supreme justice, by disseminating the San Francisco of corpses!

The sinister Smirnoff, head of the unchallenged of the sect, the individual he had always remained in the shadows and who does not hesitate in killing his own men when they are wrong, attracts the pard in a chinese restaurant: it makes them drugging and carries them in his gloomy lair, forcing them to jump into a pool teeming with monstrous sharks! But it will be the insane, that bawls of morality and justice, to terminate his distinguished career in the mouths of the sharks. The monthly reissue of an adventure, with texts by Claudio Nizzi, drawings of Victor De La Fuente and cover by Claudio Villa exit in November of 1998.

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