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Published on Sep 28, 2019


A man macchiatosi a terrible crime has served his debt with the justice, but it seems that for some, the prison was not punishment enough, as it will be shown in the register number 253 monthly series, Julia, “shadow of vengeance”, on sale from the first day of October. With the subject of Giancarlo Berardi, screenplay of the same Berardi and Lorenzo Calza, drawings of Francesco Bonanno and cover by Cristiano Spadoni. Mike Crawford has killed the wife, investing it with the car, and has kidnapped the daughter. He has completed his sentence, but just out of jail and is killed by the former neighbours who had witnessed the crime. The evidence of the facts speak of legitimate self-defense, but for Julia there is something that is not right.

The Spirit with the Hatchet must unmask a mad avenger who acts by burning his victims in Zagor 651, “The arsonist”. Five years before, the coal mine of Keating had been flooded by a terrible disaster, which caused dozens of victims. At a distance of time, however, someone is convinced that the tragedy was not caused by natural causes, but from the hand of man. There is only the ghosts of the miners seem to infest the place of the massacre, and are able to take revenge. In fact, a series of mysterious murders sowing the death among those who had positions of responsibility in the direction of the mine. Who is the serial killer? And because it affects? Zagor is in charge of investigating. The monthly magazine, out October 2, has the subject of Vittorio Sossi, screenplay by Mirko Perniola, drawings by Alessandro Chiarolla cover and Alessandro Piccinelli.

The delicate ecosystem of the amazon rainforest is in danger, as is evident in Mister No – The new adventures 4. The monthly magazine, titled “The mountain and the forbidden” is expected on newsstands homegrown from the third day of the month of October, and signatures of Luigi Mignacco (lyrics), Marco Foderà and Roberto Diso (drawings) and Fabio Valdambrini (cover). They-They met in Mister No to face a threat that is likely to upset the forest and the tribe of natives that live there. What you're looking for really the group of mercenaries in which our German is infiltrated? How can two men alone against them?

A day of ordinary madness in Planet of the dead is at the centre of the Special, Dylan Dog 33, “Greetings from the Undead”. At the centre of this latest excursion into the narrative universe of the Planet of the dead, next to the Dylan Dog alternative of the future scene is Rufus, a zombie, intelligent, and perfectly civilized. A zombie creditable dropped in the horror of non-life, in the absurd routine of everyday ordinary madness. The volume annual, expected on newsstands from Thursday, October 3, with 160 pages in black-and-white story and screenplay of Alessandro Bilotta, drawings of Paolo Bacilieri cover and Marco Mastrazzo.

A old gringo lost in the Mexican Revolution... and found the road to Carcosa, as told by the register number 235 of Dampyr. The monthly, entitled “The King in yellow,” is planned for the coming October 4, and has story and script by Mauro Boselli, the drawings of Luca Rossi, and the cover of Enea Riboldi. For a hundred years the fate of Ambrose Bierce, the caustic journalist and the great writer who first spoke of the mysterious Carcosa, is shrouded in mystery. Bierce, war reporter, following the army of Pancho Villa, disappeared during the Revolution... But, to discover the location of the real Carcosa and find Kurjak time, Harlan and his companions, at the suggestion of Ann Jurging, must follow the tracks. In Mexico will find a unexpected help, and, with a tortuous and dangerous journey through the dream world of Kadath and the plateau of Leng, journeying to Carcosa, to unveil the face that hides behind the hood a hack of the King in Yellow.

Is going to happen, a key event in the History of the Frontier and it seems that the rebels Mingus do not want to miss as is evident from a reading of the Magical Wind – The return to number 4, “the Ok Corral”. The rebels Mingus attacking the reserve of San Carlos. Ned and Geronimo manage to overcome them, but Mingus is always one step ahead and now focus on Tombstone to settle a pending account with Wyatt Earp, who in the past had forced him to leave the city. At that time, the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday are engaged in a contention, the local against the brothers Clanton and McLaury: you are about to go on stage the epic gunfight at the OK Corral. The monthly, expected Saturday, October 5, has lyrics of Gianfranco Manfredi, drawings, Darko Perovic and cover by Corrado Mastantuono.

The adventurers of the larger Frémont, fighting against Mexico to free the California. Between chases, ambushes, battles and betrayals, Pat finds a loved one in the number 7 of the monthly series the History of the West, entitled “Soldiers of fortune”. On sale from 4 October, the register of the I subject and screenplay by Gino D'antonio, the designs of Sergio Tarquinio, cover also signed by Gino D'antonio and colors of GFB Comics. After the bad experience with Queen, Pat has abandoned the body of the Ranger and vagabond in the Rocky Mountains, where he encounters in his friend Kit Carson. The man is no longer the life of a trapper, but it has become the guide of a voluntary militia, headed by major John Frémont, who wanted to be the bridgehead for the liberation of California from Mexico. Pat joins the group and part in the reconnaissance with the Kit. California is the war and meets the Queen, who seems to have rebuilt a life.

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