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Published on Nov 02, 2017


During this meeting, and Vincenzo Sarno and Luca Del Savio, spoke of the new table games, born from the collaboration between the publisher Sergio Bonelli, and Hasbro, the famous production house of table games and the company. From this union were born 2 new table games, which is the Monopoly of Tex, and the Trivial Pursuit of the Comics.

After having reviewed briefly the history of the original versions of these two games to the table really well-known, the two guests have gone on to a the analysis a bit more in-depth versions created by Hasbro and Sergio Bonelli Editore.

Luca Del Savio spoke about the changes made to the classic version of Monopoly to be able to adapt to a new setting, western Tex. While the tuners are the classic ones of the Monopoly, the effort has been to characterize every single box of the game board with elements that bring back to mind the setting of the western of Tex, for which each box represents a stage of one of the many trips of Tex, for which, instead of the classic alleys and streets, the boxes represent the city famous both in the West and in the world that's the setting for the adventures the most well-known of the Ranger Tex.

Being able to access nearly 70 years of history, in fact there was only the embarrassment of choice! For this, some setting have been kept out of the game, why don't you riallacciavano to the location that you had thought to follow in the version of the adventures of Tex transposed into the Monopoly.

A curiosity is that the railway lines in the game there were true in the historical period in which the stories are set in Tex, for which it is sought to create a route that was actually doable with the trains of the era. Although this little gem will not change the experience or the game mode, it's fun to know that you tried to immerse the players further in the world of Tex, and of the West also, thanks to these small details, which create a scenario of the game with pseudo-realistic.

Also the cards of the Unexpected and the Odds are, obviously, the theme, all decorated in the western style. The counters were custom: there are, in fact, a boot, a cowboy, a small totem pole, a cactus, a hat, cow-boy, a star ranger, and a horseshoe.

But, that said, many of the changes to the Monopoly, however, are more aesthetic than functional.

This special version of Trivial pursuit game is composed of 1200 questions, divided into 6 categories, one of which is completely dedicated to the production of the Sergio Bonelli Editore.

But since this board game is entirely focused on the world of comics, the doubt is that the questions, or some of them, may be too difficult for those not familiar with this world.

Luke Of the Wise has said, in this regard, that, as in the other versions of Trivial, even in this the level of difficulty is variable, for which there will be both simpler questions that other more-or-less impossible. During the conception phase of the game, in fact, the team has found that the level of general difficulty of the questions was really too high, for you chose to make them a bit more accessible.

Also, in the game there are also questions that require a multiple response, as a further help: there are questions that propose 2 different alternatives for the answers, for which you will have 50% chance of guessing the right one, that questions with 3 choices, for which the ability to guess down to 33%.

The end result is for The Savio satisfactory and balanced, which has continued to talked about the possibility to create expansions for the Trivial of the Comics, in the form of new questions. This is because the problem of Trivial (and similar games, based on questions and answers) is its longevity: if you play diligently, in fact, after some time you end up to know a large part of the answers.

Since the game has been published by little, for now it is still premature to talk about that, for which you need to before thinking about expansions, assess first which is the actual interest of the public in respect of the new Trivial Comic book.

This, however, does not mean that there will never be any expansions, because Of the Savio added that there are questions that have not been included in the game, “questions of the reserve, which were kept in view of future expansion.

The two guests have also spoken of any new games that will come from this collaboration, and the likelihood that you may be dealing of table games based on the brand's already existing, as was the case for these first two games, or if it will be something completely new.

Vincenzo Sarno has stated that the purpose of the Bonelli is to create games that can be appreciated both by fans of comic books published by those who does not know at this world, and those early games were created with the intent to meet the tastes of the target in multiple, to ensure that the gaming experience is always wide-ranging.

The end of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, therefore, is to create games that are able to combine the great tradition of storytelling and graphics, with the most popular games and fun, since the game must be primarily a playful activity, to which these titles may be played and appreciated at home by the families, so inter-generational.

This is an important detail, because thanks to these efforts, it is possible for fans to share their passions with his family, thanks to the games that are able to entertain an audience very large and heterogeneous.

Luca Del Savio has added that these first two games are an important test, to verify how much the public is interested in these products. The games were created to give a second life to the stories on the printed page, and the response from the audience has already been very positive.

Also, Vincent Sarno was keen to stress how important the feedback from readers and players, which must never be betrayed. Therefore, the heart of both projects are always the comics, and that's where we see distinctly the imprint of the Bonelli. Therefore, the readers are not “betrayed”, because the identity of the note publishing house is not lost in these transpositions in the world of games, but it is the fulcrum, so it is simply a way to make the experience of readers even more enjoyable.

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