Bombing Christmas Markets in Strasbourg: the budget is 3 dead, back to the nightmare of terrorism in France


Published on Dec 12, 2018


The Christmas lights and the glow of a gunshot. The christmas music and the screams of terror. The charm and the magic of the holidays broken by the panic. In France, back to the nightmare of terrorism. It rekindles the fear. Everything starts again from Strasbourg on a cool evening in December. Shots of the crowd at the Christmas markets, one, two more shots. Cries of despair, the first victim that falls to the ground under the blows of the attacker. Terrorism is still in France. Still affects, the solitary hand of a man who wants to bring back the panic in the country. Three of the victims certain: this is the first budget that comes from Strasbourg, but several are wounded and in hospital, struggling still to survive. The assailant, identified as Cherif Chekatt, 29 years old, he was already known as a “radicalized”. And’ escaped to the capture Tuesday morning. Among the wounded an Italian journalist: it is not serious. It is a young man born and raised in Strasbourg.

The attack has been celebrated by supporters of Isis. This was reported in a tweet Rita Katz of the Site, the site monitoring of islamic extremism on the web. However, no group has claimed responsibility of the attack. According to the French police might be a second accomplice, who would have helped Chekatt.

At 20, a man, identified later in the 29-year-old Chérif C. already reported with the “fichè S” for radicalization, opened fire in the rue Orfèvres, killing three people, according to what has reported to the minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, even if the mayor of the city and the local media is talking about four victims and wounding 12, among them, in a serious, even a young radio journalist of the Italian, Antonio Megalizzi, trentino, hit by a bullet to the head. The killer managed to escape on foot and barricarsi in the nearby district of Neudorf, where, for hours, the police has hunted.

The killer, armed with a pistol and a knife, managed to escape on foot and reach the district of Neudorf is: here the police, with helicopters, has tried to lock it. In a fire-fight with the special forces, the 29-year-old would have been injured in a hand. At the time, however, there are positive news about the capture of the man: in fact, it seems to have managed in spite of everything, to escape.

Many testimonies of members of the european parliament italians who were in the restaurants in the area and have heard the shots and saw people running. Moments of great terror for all. There is who tells of being in the restaurant, where it is taken out of the light. All under the tables for safety not knowing what was going on, and then the first messages on the phone explaining what was going on.

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