Bold: a new “manga” in 2020, the line “adult” of the Bonelli


Published on Feb 12, 2020


Through their official website that Sergio Bonelli Editore presented the 2020 strategy of the Bold, the label dedicated to comic books with a characterization narrative and graphics from the cut the more “adult”.

Announced for the first time at Lucca Comics & Games 2017, our label Bold runs now at full speed, presenting the titles are always different and interesting, which in recent months have found that the appreciation from the audience and critics.

If it's over the run of Mister No's Revolution, which led to its authors and to our publishing House and lots of applause and many awards in the coming months will continue with the wind at your back one of the series that have debuted at the end of 2019. It is, in fact, confirmed the appointment bi-monthly with The Border, the thriller of Mauro Uzzeo and John Masi, which in march presented the third volume, designed by Carlo Ambrosini, and in may the fourth, designed by Silvia Califano.

Continues the saga of K-11, as imaged by Matteo Casali and displayed in his first outing by Davide Gianfelice. The second volume arrives in the bookstore at the end of march, with artwork by Luca Genovese. Always at the end of march also comes the first news Bold of the year: Zardo, comics adaptation of the novel “Black.” by Tiziano Sclavi, made by Emiliano Mammucari, starting from the original screenplay written at the time by the dad of Dylan Dog.

Instead you need to get up to the gates of the summer to read the new adventure of Dragonero inside of the saga of Senzanima: “Redemption” is written by Stefano Vietti for the designs of Francesco Rizzato and colors of Paolo Francescutto. And, of course, the cover art of Mario Alberti. Later will arrive on the shelves of the libraries is also the new adventures of the Unknown to Magnus, still the work of Daniele Brolli and Davide Fabbri, of Those two of Tito Faraci and Silvia Ziche and Upside down, always written by Luca Enoch and illustrated by Riccardo Crosa.

2020 will be the year that will finally see the light 10 October, the poignant series of Paola Barbato and Mattia Surroz that promises to break the hearts of many readers with his story, intimate and melancholic. After the announcement of Lucca, 2017, we had unveiled a couple of tablets in the preview of last year; now you can see a couple more, knowing that you'll see more very soon.

For a series that is going to get, one that is preparing, instead, to allow ourselves to be. Ends, in fact, in April of Attica, the first comic in the format of manga published by Sergio Bonelli Editore. Written and designed by Giacomo Keison Bevilacqua, Attica has been able to find with his albi distributed exclusively in the comic store and a public interested in and passionate about. A public that, after the end of the series does not remain empty-handed, because very soon you will find on the shelves another new proposal in the same format. But we will talk about in due time...

Bold: a new “manga” in 2020, the line “adult” of the Bonelli is




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