Bolavaloon 3 stars out of anti-3 TH10, TH11: Bocciatori, hot air Balloons, Mastiff Lava

Published on Mar 19, 2017

Now the attack power of Heroes to level so high in all of the incredible statistics of troops, increase more and more their level bracket to ensure virtually always at least 50% + town Hall, especially in Clan War, this translates into a 2-star hotel guaranteed: it is for this reason that they were born and they have spread layout TH10 and layout TH11 Anti 3 stars. In this guide, and 4 video demonstration, you learn how to work the strategy for the attack Bolavaloon that ensures, after having taken the hand, 3-star in Clan War on TH10 and TH11 with the provisions of the anti-3.


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