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Published on Aug 22, 2017


Bloodborne: The Card Game is a card game made by the author, already a winner of many awards, Eric Lang and is published and distributed throughout the world from Cool Mini or Not.

When Bloodborne: The Card Game has been announced for the first time, Lang posted a message on Twitter in which he described briefly his own version of the game, stating:

My goal with Bloodborne was to re-create the intensity and the frustration of the game in a context among the players. A lot of the dead.

The game is based on the Chalice Dungeon present as an optional part of the game's original Bloodborne. This is the labyrinths that they can also be generated in a procedural manner set in the tombs were created, below the city of Yharnam, from the Great Ones (supernatural beings called, in this way, also by Lovecraft, whose worlds have been a source of inspiration for Bloodbrone, the video game).

Here, are terrifying creatures that the players will have to kill, whose blood you will have to take possession in order to proceed in the game. The improvements to the equipment in the card game are varied and multiple, passing to devastating weapons such as the devastating Gun and Repeat the legendary Kirkhammer.

The best part is the fact that players will not have to spend many hours killing everything that moves through the dangerous underground labyrinths, and dying frequently under the hard blows inflicted by the deadly beasts that inhabit them: a game, in fact, has an average duration of 30-45 minutes, and may participate in a match from 3 to 5 players. As you can read also on the official website of Bloodborne: The Card Game, where you can also buy the game, the minimum recommended age to play is 14 years old.

Speaking in general, Bloodborne: The Card Game is a game based on risk management, where you will need to work in a team and manage with the awareness of the inventory and the upgrade: so, a mentality of the type of game strategic and tactical, will be essential to be able to get out alive from the Chalice Dungeon of Bloodborne: The Card Game.

Players will start the game with a series of basic weaponry, which can be improved in order to enhance their skills and combos for the combat.

During each turn, a selected monster at home attacking players, who will have to deal with it together, as a team: as for the rest, it is still true that “a hunter is never alone”. Each player will choose a card from their hand to play, in conjunction with his teammates, to try to kill the monster.

Of course, the monsters will be able to respond to the attacks of the players, using dice explosives, which are potentially capable of inflicting damage to the infinite.

Players can play as long as they want, but if they die in combat they lose all their progress. The blood that will be collected will be the Victory Points.

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