Bloodborne – From console to game table!

Published on Dec 03, 2017

Bloodborne – The game of cards

Bloodborne is definitely a game for children, though strongly inspired by a video game: terrifying monsters, weapons bloody, mechanical properties that lend themselves willingly to the betrayal and backstabs are just some of the features of this title.

Note: personally I have not played the console version of Bloodborne, I don't own a Playstation and I don't like the games in the Souls like, therefore, in this review you will not find references to the gaming experience.

With a deck of cards and fairly simple rules, Eric Lang (very prolific writer) managed to create a game that at first glance may seem light, but that in reality hides a good depth despite a term contained.

In Bloodborne you are Hunters struggling with terrifying monsters to try to retrieve the Echoes of the Blood in the basement of the Chalice. You'll have to defeat 10 monsters, plus a Final Boss, definitely stronger than the other; but only a Hunter can get out alive (at the expense of all others).

Bloodborne is for 3-5 players aged 14 years on, duration 30-60 minutes, the product from CMON and published in italy by Asmodee. Let's give it a look...

The box, square and compact, contains:

Immediately point out that the box already provides the housing for an expansion that was announced last August, and that should increase the longevity of the game: new Monster cards, new Bosses, Runes, new rules, new cards and Equipment.

The license was exploited to seen duty, which faithfully reflects, in the graphic, the elements of the game: starting from the lid of the box, all the items have references to the console version. Unfortunately, this license also has the flaw of raising the price of the game and, on this, someone could rightly turn up our nose.

But let's go back to the materials: the cardboard tokens and boards is thick and durable, the cards are read and, in my opinion, should be bagged (unless then not enter more in their housing, same old story...), the plastic of the dice and the Echoes of the Blood seems resistant and smudge-proof.

Each player takes a bridge, a Health Indicator, 3 counters trophy to place on position 1 of the dashboard and 5 starting cards the same for all players. Choose a Final Boss and prepared the deck to the basement of the Cup, taking the event 3 Bosses, and 7 Monsters, and mixing this bunch consists of 10 cards. Prepare the bunch of power-ups revealing many cards as players), choose the first player, and revealed the first Monster. Put on paper the Monster the indicated number of Echoes of the Blood (one more if you play in 4, and two more if you play in 5). Remember that the skill of the Final Boss applies for all players for the entire duration of the game.

Each round is divided into 8 phases:

The Cards Upgrade are divided in Melee Weapons (red border), ranged Weapons (blue border) Cards and Utility (gray border). All have a description is well detailed on the operation and we never had any doubts about how or when to play them.

The game ends when the Final Boss is defeated. Count all the Echoes of the Blood, the longer the Echoes of the Blood bonus provided by the trophies: who scores the most points is the winner.

As already mentioned, the problem is the price: 40 euros for a game of cards are truly many, and probably the cost of the license is what makes lifting so much, because, honestly, the materials are of excellent workmanship, but not such as to justify the price.

In Bloodborne you will die often, just like in the game. This is because the two faces of each die have a “+” to the specified value, which indicates that you have to pick up the dice and add the two values to determine the damage to the Hunters. In addition, some Final Bosses are particularly bad and you will leave with malus definitely heavy, such as, for example, have 6 hit points instead of 8. Without counting your opponents, who will try to push you into the abyss to take the fat loot... Cooperation and betrayal go hand in hand, and, on the contrary, in such a way that the other players die in the certain moments of the game allows you to increase your benefit or recover the pass lost previously.

The dead times are really just seen you play at the same time, there is some slowdown right in the first phase of each round when you have to choose the card to play, then the game goes by smoothly without interruption. The interaction is very high, you can talk about to make a decision or to divert the attention of opponents, and many of the objects have no effect on other Hunters.

Bloodborne is definitely not a suitable game for the first time, just for the mechanics of the bluff, the mini deck building, cooperation, and betrayal that characterize it. I would say that each card must be chosen with care, you have to keep under control many aspects not to throw away all the Echoes of the Blood that you still have to transfer. Also, keep in mind that the discard pile is visible to all, and so it is possible to know who plays what, and act accordingly. On the other hand, despite having a wealth of information available, a roll of the dice and unfavorable might send you to mount your tactic for that turn.

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Bloodborne - the card game takes the license of the eponymous video game for the Playstation, but if it is different definitely: you, the Hunters, you'll have to survive not only the monsters that you will encounter, but also the treachery of your fellow travelers...

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