Blood and fire: George R. R. Martin makes the Raven, with Three Eyes and tells the story of the Targaryens


Published on Nov 29, 2018


As if it were a grand master, and he felt the weight of his own chain around the neck, George R. R. Martin just fails to finish his saga a song of Ice and Fire, whose new volume, The Winds of Winter, continues to be postponed from month to month and year to year.

Rather than look to the future, therefore, the american author is at the peek of the past, even was the Crow with Three Eyes, churning out the first of a new mini-saga in two parts, focuses on the dynasty of the Targaryens: a little prequel and a little instructional book on the history of Westeros, Fire and Blood tells the story of the rise of the family of the dragons from Aegon the Conqueror to Aegon III. To separate them hundreds of names of places and families, lords and knights, septon and scholars, and, above all, the dozens of kings and queens (often brother and sister, in the best tradition of the family Targaryen) who have succeeded on the infamous Throne of Swords.

At the center of the performance – which is far less narrative than that of the saga, with Martin, that mimics the style of a septon to give the book a tone almost of education – the usual betrayals, the plots exciting, the deaths gruesome and tricky, the sex scenes (often taken from an insert called the Admonition to the Young people, in practice a sort of kama sutra in the style of Westeros), and above all the fascinating mythology of Westeros.

The style mitopoietico used by Martin is at the same time, bumper and immersive way: as it may seem contradictory to say, read the Fire and Blood will always be a mixed experience, which fails to capture you and take you from a narrative point of view, but still involving and will absorb in a all-encompassing; while reading, the practice, to believe constantly of living within the world of Westeros, but you'll also get bored as a young lord forced to stay in his rooms to study the dusty tome on the origins of House Targaryen instead of being able to go outdoors and live the fantastic adventures that await him beyond the walls of his castle.

Sometimes you get the feeling of having to study for an exam on the History of Westeros, preparing for questions like “Who formed the council of Aegon the Conqueror?”, or: “Such as lord were favorable to the marriage of Jaehaerys and Alysanne Targaryen, and which were against it?”. And so on. But we know that the game of the throne can be negligible and often even arzigogolato, and provided you can cope with a whole paragraph full of names and dates (DC does not mean After Christ but After the Conquest) the idea of Martin is always fun.

Told from the perspective of the chronicler, historic Gyldayn, the saga is still full of events that will make the joy of all the fans and completisti de The Throne of Swords inspired in a not too veiled to the medieval history of the british, the first volume responds to the many questions and issues have always been debated among the circulating of fans, but it is very unlikely that a casual reader may be tempted to devour the more than 700 pages of the book, knowing that soon will come a second book of similar length.

We are facing a sort of Silmarillion of JRR Tolkien, but less ambitious: in Fire and Blood, Martin tells us, the entire birth of Westeros and Essos, but only that of the knights of the dragons, and you get the impression that if the author wants to find other loopholes to escape from his main tasks (finish The Winds of Winter‼) it could very well get to write the history of other lineages, such as that of Stark or Lannister.

New spin-offs and prequels as if it rained, in short, something that certainly will make the happiness of HBO.

Blood and fire: George R. R. Martin makes the Raven, with Three Eyes and tells the story of the Targaryens is




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