Blessed Mace: costume broken live-Big Brother Vip 3


Published on Sep 25, 2018


In the first episode of Big Brother Vip 3 could not miss a crash at the red light. The protagonist of this off-the program is the curvy model Blessed Mace: the young man is paid to play a game in the pool, wearing a swimsuit, maybe too tight for its forms. The result? A bang from the manual...

As they went the facts? Everything is aired shortly after midnight: the eighteen contestants divided into two teams of six participated in a trial to win the right to get the rooms in the house and give the opponents the fearsome comrade of the Cave.

The test consisted of a quiz: for each team of two competitors respond to a multiple-answer question, while the other two competitors plunging into the pool to search for the card with the answer validated by his teammates. Every time that the tag corresponding to the correct answer emerging from the water of the swimming pool, the team brought home a point.

After the swim, Fabio Basile, is touched to the Blessed Mace into the pool to search for the answer given to the team-mates Maurizio Battista e la Marchesa Daniela Del Secco D'aragona. After the dip, the woman started to dive and resurface quickly, so much to “take in” the water inside of the costume making it more heavy and bulky. This extra weight has weighed on one of the two shoulder straps of the costume that is irretrievably is split.

From that moment on, the competitor Big Brother Vip 3 has tried in all ways to continue the test assigned to it by Ilary Blasi swimming with only one arm with the other hand, in fact, the woman was committed to governing in the top of the swimsuit now left with a ball in the least.

For this reason, the authors of the program have decided to increase the time available from the team due to this unexpected event, which – fortunately – has not left a glimpse of parts of the sensitive body of the host. The event ended with great laughter in the studio and a few words of encouragement on the part of the mistress of the house, Ilary Blasi.

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