Bleach: Tite Kubo talks about the light novel sequel to the manga


Published on Jan 17, 2019


Bleach, the manga of the success of Tite Kubo, it is concluded on Weekly Shonen Jump in 2016, but the serialization is shooting with a direct sequel in 2017, and then end again in 2018, with a light novel unpublished, that takes the title of Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World.

The work, which is available in Japan in full in three volumes, was written by Ryohgo Narita, and the third volume was released in bookstores on 4 December 2018.

Within the last number mentioned, the author is the rights holder of the franchise, the maestro Kubo, spoke about the light novel epilogue through a long final message, highlighting the essential parts, has been translated for us by a user of Reddit that you sign with the name of scheneizel.

The author has talked about about the main character of the light novel, or Shuhei Hisagi. Kubo has said as he has conceived it, in the manga, and the reason for which he agreed to make it a protagonist, this time as a hero in the novel. Below, here is what he said the mangaka japanese:

“Shuhei has been for Narita [writer of the light novel, ed.] a real main character. This was the discovery I made when we decided together that the story would be focused on him.
Even if it is shy, and is taken so much around, he is, in reality, a person really adorable. Shuhei was a on first serve as a child, but continued the same path of the person who saved his life. A short time later, he meets his mentor who helped him combat his own fears. However, later on, the situation was reversed and he was forced to fight against the master because he decided to take on a bad path. This was Shuhei Hisagi, designed by me.
However, it was only when the master Narita has proposed to make Shuhei the protagonist that I realized that the character would have really been able to have an aura hero“.

Recall that the light novel sequel of Bleach is from three numbers. In Italy is published in Italy by Planet Manga, with the first available number. In Japan, the second number was published on the 2nd of November, and the third from 4 December 2018. Here is a synopsis of the light novel:

“An assassination attempt aimed at the four great noble families. A Shinigami unknown attacks Quincy, and of Her that has survived in Hueco Mundo. A fast-growing... a mysterious religious group in the human world... The turmoil in each of the three realms of existence was rooted in the new chief of the Tsunayashiro, one of the four great noble families. In addition to being a Shinigami, Hisagi Shūhei decides to take the case from the point of view of journalism. However, it is not yet aware that it is going to have to do with the secrets of scary of the same Soul Society...!!”

Tite Kubo has thrown Bleach in 2001 on the "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha) and it was concluded on the 22nd of August 2016. The manga has racked up 686 chapters which were collected in 74 volume was. Also, the manga has inspired an animated series broadcast on TV Tokyo, novels, video games, special animation, feature films, merchandising and even a movie in live action, released 20 August 2018 in the halls of the japanese. From 14 September 2018 Netflix has made available for viewing in Italy of the live action.

In Italy, the manga has been published entirely by Planet Manga (Panini Comics).

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