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Published on Oct 31, 2018


Through its profile the official Twitter of the japanese writer of light novels Ryohgo Narita, we learn that the series, to the novels is, obviously, writing, or Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World, you will end officially with the third volume in Japan and the online stores will be published on 4 December 2018.

The history series of novels, illustrated by Tite Kubo in person and inspired by the series Bleach, is located temporally just after the end of the manga serialized on "Weekly Shonen Jump" from 2001 to 2016.

Thanking all the fans for following and continued to support the series Kubo also through the novels, here are the words in the detail with his post:

“I finally finished the third volume of Bleach (novel, ed), and I was busy with more than 1000 pages. I'm sorry I finished so late, but I was in the hospital for a few months. Therefore, since all of the illustrations of the master Kubo are fantastic, come in so many at the bookstore to purchase your copies“.

ようやく3巻までの作業がほぼ終わったのですが、上中下巻会わせて1000頁超えました。ハハハ。 ハハハ。......いや本当に数ヶ月の入院も挟んでしまったせいで完結まで遅くなってしまって申し訳ないです......。久保さんの挿絵が本当に凄いので書店にて是非! >RT #BLEACH

— 成田良悟@色々執筆中 (@ryohgo_narita) October 28, 2018

We remind you that the third issue will arrive in Japan and online stores from 4 December 2018. The second will be available from 2 November. Following are the cover, respectively:

Couverture du 2e volume du roman Bleach : Can't Fear Your Own World. The 3e est prévu le 4 décembre. cc @Glenat_Manga

— Okachi (@okachifrance) October 8, 2018

【BLEACHノベライズ】シリーズ完結のⅲは完全書き下ろしで12月4日に発売!!!! 久保先生にj完全監修頂き成田先生が書き出した尸魂界、そして霊王の真実が明らかに......!! そしてあの男の...卍解が!! BLEACHファンなら絶対に読んで欲しいシリーズです!!

— JUMP j BOOKS編集部 (@JUMP_j_BOOKS) October 25, 2018

The light novel, inspired by the manga Bleach is written and illustrated by Tite Kubo on "Weekly Shonen Jump" from 2001 to 2016, is focused on the character of Shuhei Hisagi. He debuted on April 28, 2017 on the application Shonen Jump Plus with the script there is Ryohgo Narita (Baccano!, Durarara!!, Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You"), while Tite Kubo is in charge of the illustrations of the covers of the volumes in which it has subsequently published the novel. The series of novels is still, now in course of serialization after the shooting this summer. The first volume in Japan was published in the August 4, 2017.

Remember that the first number of the series was published in Italy, under the label of " Planet Manga (the manga is entirely published by the same publisher), as of September 20, 2018.

Weekly Shonen Jump has stated that the novel is an integral part of the series of Bleach, therefore the story falls under the official use of the work from the moment that Tite Kubo is also involved in the implementation.

Here is the synopsis of the series:

“An assassination attempt aimed at the four great noble families. A Shinigami unknown attacks Quincy, and of Her that has survived in Hueco Mundo. A fast-growing... a mysterious religious group in the human world... The turmoil in each of the three realms of existence was rooted in the new chief of the Tsunayashiro, one of the four great noble families. In addition to being a Shinigami, Hisagi Shūhei decides to take the case from the point of view of journalism. However, it is not yet aware that it is going to have to do with the secrets of scary of the same Soul Society...!!”

A MUST FOR ALL FANS OF THE SAGA CULT OF BLEACH! The novel that tells the events subsequent to the end of the series dedicated to the world of the shinigami, the gods of death. The reconstruction of Soul Society, a new mystery, and, perhaps, a new war on the horizon...

Tite Kubo has thrown Bleach in 2001 on the "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha) and it was concluded on the 22nd of August 2016. The manga has racked up 686 chapters which were collected in 74 volume was. Also, the manga has inspired an animated series broadcast on TV Tokyo, novels, video games, special animation, feature films, merchandising and even a movie in live action, released 20 August 2018 in the halls of the japanese. From 14 September 2018 Netflix has made available for viewing in Italy of the live action.

In Italy, the manga has been published entirely by Planet Manga (Panini Comics).

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