Blasphemy in ‘La Prova del cuoco’, Elisa Isoardi in trouble

Published on Oct 05, 2018

Elisa Isoardi goes back to the center of the controversy, this time for a blasphemy that rang out in the study of The Test of the Cook, that's what happened

A Test of the cook that does not convince, the blasphemy did not put in trouble the beautiful Elisa Isoardi.

There was a blasphemy at The Trial of Cook, Elisa Isoardi? In the episode aired today, the cook tuscan Shady Hasbun would utter a phrase that left the audience and the same presenter shocked. Twitter was born the controversy.

There were those who condemned the sentence, someone else has instead talked about a mock-blasphemy. In reality for now it is just accusations blank. The cook Hasbun, when he said the phrase “offending”, not he is angry or excited: he is convinced that you have not said any blasphemy, then.

The one that surprised us all was the reaction of Elisa Isoardi: the presenter remained petrified. It is evident that he has not taken well to the output of the cook, definitely not suitable for a protected range.

The video of the alleged blasphemy at The Trial of the Chef was published on Twitter by @SeeLallero, that has commented so:

“Elisa Isoardi have in the past before my eyes all 19 of the bets made in the second. Frozen”.

Some, however, pointed out that the cook was not a blasphemy, with his expression he wanted to say:

“God is good”.

Let's just say that Elisa is a little bit unfortunate.

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