Blame, the teaser trailer SDCC 2016

Published on Jul 24, 2016

The teaser trailer of the Blame and some thoughts on the future of the Knights of Sindonia

The Trailer, as if it rained from the Comic con 2016 in San Diego!Clearly could not miss the Blame to the new anime weblog Netflix, with its exclusive teaser trailer. Its creator, Tsutomu Nihei, present at the convention, also spoke of the Knights of Sindonia opening up to the possibility that it is produced a third series. Nihei has, therefore, passed the hot potato to the assistant director of the two previous series Hiroyuki Seshita (also responsible for Blame and Ajin), which has declared that the present state of things it would not have the time to realize it, but you surely will in the future.

In the meantime here is the trailer direct from Comic con in San Diego.

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