Blade Runner 2049: on Amazon check the Steelbook Premium


Published on Nov 13, 2017


Here is the beautiful Steelbook Premium Blade Runner 2049, full of special content and on arrival on Amazon uk for the February

Despite the films of Denis Villeneuve has disappointed the expectations at the box office, recording a loss of 80 million dollars, Blade Runner 2049 has garnered positive reviews everywhere (even reaching a 88% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes).

Meanwhile, on Amazon Italy, you ticked a Steelbook Premium limited edition of the film, containing 3 discs Blu-Ray disc with the film in 4k ultra hd and standard Blu-Ray disc, plus a bonus disc full of special features.

The Steelbook, still without a price, and it shows also a beautiful cover art (I was not able to find out the name of the author) that you can see directly below:

The Steelbook will arrive in our collections in the next 7 February.

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The film is directed by Denis Villeneuve, while the screenplay has been entrusted to the Hampton Franchere Michael Green. Frank Giustra and Tim Gamble, Ridley Scott, and Bill Carraro, the producers of the film.

Are the past thirty years from the last mission of the hunter of replicants, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), Los Angeles appears as a futuristic metropolis dominated by an apparent order, and the Blade Runner are still in the hunt beings robotic. One of the most promising of the new generation, the agent K (Ryan Gosling) of the local police, must face a life-changing discovery that threatens to break down the very foundations of contemporary society. K puts you in search of the famous Deckard to share with him the weight of the secret that has been buried for years, and manages to track him down despite the man having cleverly lost his tracks for decades. In the meantime, the enemy forces, they draw all their weapons to prevent K to reveal the terrible truth.

In the cast are featured Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Robin Wright, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Carla Juri, Mackenzie Davis, Barkhad Abdi, Dave Bautista, David Dastmalchian and Hiam Dark and Jared Leto. The music has been composed by Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Blade Runner 2049 was released in Italian cinemas on 5 October 2017.

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