Blade Runner 2049: here's the timeline!!!


Published on Jul 24, 2017


During the panel at SDCC 2017 Blade Runner 2049, was presented the timeline of the film!

During the San Diego Comic-con 2017, also Blade Runner 2049, the highly anticipated sequel to the masterpiece of Ridley Scott, 1982, he had his panel, as well as himself with a wonderful Experience that has sent the raptures of the present (and make the light like me!).

Always on the inside of the panel was shown a detail of the world of Blade Runner that has finally revealed a central aspect of the future world, which will also be critical to Blade Runner 2049: the history.

During the panel present were Ryan Goslyng, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto and the director, Dennis Villeneuve, although the latter only in the form of a hologram to open the panel of Blade Runner 2049. During this meeting, we proceeded to illustrate the chronology of the events of the two films, remembering that the first film was set in 2019 here are the key dates to keep in mind:

2023 – becomes effective, the prohibition on the Replicators.

2025 – Wallace Corporation helps to solve the problem of hunger in the world.

2030 – Wallace helps to eliminate the prohibition on the Replicators.

2049 – 30 years after the flight of Deckard and Rachel, Los Angeles has radically changed. Humans that can't leave for the Colonies in her world are left on the Earth. The company is divided into two classes: the replicants and humans.

One of the details most of the iconic Blade Runner, the famous scene of the eye, was the scroll home, where we were introduced to the society of 2019. It would be a touch of continuity see also in Blade Runner 2049 a similar beginning; all in the name of continuity, in addition to the return of Harrison Ford (this is told by Dennis Villeneuve recently) we will see the return of Edward James Olmos in the role of Gaff.


Unfortunately, during the panel was not shown other material, aided by the fact that the second trailer was released a few days before the start of SDCC. We just have to wait until October to run in the room when finally we can enjoy Blade Runner 2049!

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