Blade Runner 2049: Denis Villeneuve would have wanted David Bowie in the role of the villain

Published on Sep 27, 2017

Denis Villeneuve, the director of Blade Runner, 2049, has revealed during an interview: David Bowie was the first choice for the character of Niander Wallace.

The rock star and actor David Bowie, who died last year, would have had to interpret Niander Wallace, the blind mogul, manufacturer of replicants in Blade Runner 2049. To say it was the same director, in the course of an interview for Metro:

Our first choice fell on David Bowie, who was able to influence Blade Runner in a myriad of ways. After the terrible news, we started to look for someone like him.

In that period, Jared Leto had just finished interpreting his version of the Joker in the Suicide Squad, and it therefore seemed like a good choice.

The film is directed by Denis Villeneuve, while the screenplay has been entrusted to the Hampton Franchere Michael Green. Frank Giustra and Tim Gamble, Ridley Scott, and Bill Carraro, the producers of the film.

Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new Blade Runner, the Agent K of the Los Angeles Police (Ryan Gosling) discovers a secret long buried that have the potential to precipitate in the chaos what is left of the company. The discovery of K pushes him towards the search for Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), an ex-blade runner the Los Angeles police vanished for 30 years.

In the cast we find Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Robin Wright, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Carla Juri, Mackenzie Davis, Barkhad Abdi, Dave Bautista, David Dastmalchian and Hiam Dark and Jared Leto. The music has been composed by Jóhann Jóhannsson.

The exit in the cinema of Blade Runner 2049 has been set for October 6, 2017.


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