Blade Runner 2049 Denis Villeneuve – Anatomy of a Scene


Published on Feb 09, 2018


Blade Runner 2049
Director: Denis Villeneuve
Screenplay: Hampton Fancher and Michael Green
Performers the scene: Ryan Gosling

The Blade Runner, Denis Villeneuve is a film statuesque, imposing, colossal, a David who must be admired with the eyes (not understood or interpreted as the original film, more poetic, more fascinating, more sexy): the only moment in which the still beautiful 2049, leaving behind the boredom of verbal explanation of the various keys of reading and of the many sub-narrative texts (a task that most times is assigned to the banal character of Jared Leto) comes to well over half of the film.

The Blade Runner K (for friends Joe) is in search of Rick Deckard, and the only track available the door away from Los Angeles for the first time, the geographical footprint of Blade Runner expands and we explore a new location, Las Vegas. The rainy City of Angels becomes the desert Ghost Town, uninhabited since a nuclear bomb has wiped out. What remains is a cloud of smoke so dense that, at the contact with the soft sunlight, is transformed into a sea of ochre (the color palette changes drastically).

Frame 1

The reverse shot reveals to us the architecture of a society in decline, fossil remains of a forgotten world that is based on the opulence and aestheticism exaggerated belonging to an age in which the human race is still self-centered fantasies, where the sky was blue and the air fresh, which is not cultivated worms but wealth, a time when the future kept the hope of a better life. Things are going to be different.

Frame 2

While the camera follows K between the rolling ankles giants women without a soul, the blade runner note something alive and true in all that welter of artificiality (even he is artificial).

Frame 3

The detail also reveals to the public the wonderful discovery of the protagonist: a bee.

Frame 4

The look petrified, moved, and amazed of the K says it all without saying anything: an artificial being who dreams of being authentic, of having a soul, laying for the first time, his gaze on something true (the animals are extinct), not only the image echoes the phrase that the agent K has heard of a different character, in a previous scene (the prostitute Mariette, who had never seen a tree) but it also represents the reference more subtle and elegant in the original film (quoted several times, but never to a level so subliminal): the bee, in fact, is not only mentioned during the test voight kampff which Deckard followed Rachel (“you know You have a bee on the back of the hand, what do you do?” she asked him, “crush it”, he answered her promptly), but will fly away from the hand of K as the dove of Roy and Betty.

Frame 5

Blade Runner-2049 is available in home video from February 7, 2018.

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