Blade Runner 2049: Christopher Nolan explains why he has given up direction


Published on Jan 09, 2018


Christopher Nolan, one of the most appreciated filmmakers of the moment, recently opened at the Los Angeles Times about his understanding of the hard work that was necessary to bring to the film Blade Runner 2049.

The Ridley Scott's Blade Runner is one of the favorite movies of the director of Dunkirk, which has never made a secret of considering the compatriot Scott as one of his profession. To the point that even Batman Begins was heavily influenced by the vision of Blade Runner.

This statement arises from the admission made by the same Nolan long ago in Forbes

“It is difficult to say what a tribute that is aware and what is the result of my analysis of Blade Runner, of his design for the art and the way they are used sets. From a pragmatic point of view, Blade Runner is currently one of the most successful films of all time in terms of the construction of a reality through the use of the set. In Batman Begins, unlike The Dark knight, we found ourselves having to build most of the roads of Gotham . So I left instantly engage the visual processing of Ridley Scott, in the way in which took these giant sets to make them real and not just impressive reconstructions. And we immediately began gstudiare how to use the rain shower,the room at hand, the wide-angle lenses. [..] Blade Runner is an example of how you can take a camera and get off on the merits of the work, and really involve the audience in the atmosphere of the world that you're trying to build. We have tried in every way to emulate this style, and I believe that in doing so, we actually created a tribute, in particular, where we have used in the rain”

Given this immense declaration of admiration for the work of Scott, I would wonder why Nolan did not direct Blade Runner 2049, at the same time, cult films of his favorite director and the film for which he has such a veneration.

The answer was given to the Los Angeles Times

“There are many movies that are on a pedestal so high that to try to make a remake or a sequel would be a risk. I should find a way to turn around things. More or less like Interstellar dialogue with 2001: a space Odyssey, as direbbro in many. You have to find your own path to tell their own ideas. I have seen Blade Runner 2049. And it was a real pleasure. I love Denis Villeneuve, the director of Blade Runner, 2049, Ed.). Faced with the courage that has defined it as a suicide mission, creating the sequel to a cult film that I love very much. I think he did a commendable job. Those guys we have up, and are to be admired for this!”

From the words of Nolan emerges not only as it is deeply in the style of Scott and his cult film, but even as consider an excellent product, Blade Runner, 2049. I wonder what he thinks Nolan of the recent statements from Scott on the follow-up to his legendary masterpiece!

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