Blade Runner 2049: as they convinced Harrison Ford to return?


Published on Jul 22, 2017


At the San Diego Comic-con Dennis Villeneuve tells how they convinced Harrison Ford to return in Blade Runner 2049

The question that we all made when it was known that a time would come a sequel to Blade Runner has been a: it will return Deckard? Between fears and hope, in the end, we learned that Harrison Ford will return to assume the role of the hunter of replicants in Blade Runner 2049, as evidenced by the trailer.

Usually sequels do not take 35 years to arrive at the cinema, but Blade Runner 2049 has requested this long wait to bring us back into the world of Replicants is inspired by the work of Dick. Directed by Dennis Villeneuve, Blade Runner 2049 see Ryan Gosling interpret K, the Los Angeles police engaged in a difficult case that will force him to cross the road to Rick Deckard. And interpret it, there will again be Harrison Ford.

During the panel, and Blade Runner 2049 at the San Diego Comic-con, where there is also a spectacular Experience dedicated to the film, Villeneuve has told the producers of Alcon have worked to ensure the respect of the rights of the franchise. As the pieces were in place, was missing only one thing: to recruit Harrison Ford.

Villeneuve tells the story:

“The first thing was closer to Ridley, Ridley Scott, Ed.), of course. They said, ‘We can do it, and we would like to do with you’. And Ridley answered after a quarter of an hour, ‘Fly to London, now!’. So they met with Ridley and he had a lot of good ideas. Perhcé when he made the first Blade Runner, has told me, he wanted to follow Deckard with the other stories. It was an open universe. You have an investigator that lives in the future. Was not willing to make just a movie, there was a desire to move forward. Only that he was so much shit during the first film that the project was frozen. He thought he was dead.

However, they called Ridley and I went by the screenwriter, Hampton Fancher and both of them had the idea of making a sequel that stupisse people, and how they had the right idea, they phoned Harrison. I think that may have been involved in the early stages of the drafting of the screenplay. Because, without Harrison, there would have been no film. And Harrison has accepted, therefore they developed the screenplay, Harrison was involved even before me! Not the I have chosen, I was the one that I had to be accepted by him! In short, it is a different thing, you know? When I agreed to do so, I had to meet before Ridley Scott, and hear from his voice that he wanted me for this! And then I was supposed to meet Harrison Ford, be assessed by him to be certain to be approved by Harrison Ford!!”

The reason why at the moment I'm pretty confident about the Blade Runner 2049, in addition to the convincing films of Villeneuve (Arrival in the first place), is the support of the supporters of the first film, with the screenwriter of the original Hampton Fetcher involved in the screenplay and Ridley Scott as executive producer (although his struggles with the Alien are not a great guarantee at the time!). The real highlight for me is the return of Harrison Ford as Deckard. Villeneuve can provide to the myth of Blade Runner, the visionary talent, in view of its excellent vision of a sci-fi reasoned that combines sci-fi, current issues.


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