Black Science Vol. 7 – The extinction is the Rule Remender & Scalera | Review


Published on Jul 19, 2018


The multiverse is finally coming to the own collapse induced. Only McKay and his colleagues, which have come to represent a group of inhomogeneous (super)heroes and scientists of various alternative realities, may be able to stop the end, uniting their forces and go to the core of the problem and of the universe itself... and with the opportunity, perhaps can also resolve their personal issues...

The penultimate volume of the series Black Science (yes, we are getting closer to the end) starts to accompany the events towards the end of the series, bringing together all the protagonists that we have come to know in the course of time and are in the size of McKay.

In this volume, which continues directly, as seen in Volume 6, after the first few pages that bring us into a forest, quiet and away from the problems of the people, the pace begins to rise again, and this escalation remains in place until the end of the volume, waiting to find out what's in store for us Remender in the last part.

The pace, however, is not given only by the battles, in the end, it would be simple to create a climate that is dynamic only by following one battle to another battle), but also from the dialogues between the protagonists, dramatic scenes, and physical fights that lead to comb all the family tensions accumulated by McKay and his wife in the course of time, with Aslan confirms that the fuse that is triggering it all.

Because in the end, this is a story that started as a narration of science fiction, but little by little, Remender has made us understand that in reality, it is a story of people, with their many faults (many in the case of McKay, let me write), and a few wriggles of dignity every time. But, even if Remender stops to analyze the people, is to say that our writer manages to keep high the vivacity of the rhythm, without annoying pauses of reflection.

Once again, I can say that Remender after the first few volumes in my opinion a bit unbalanced, arrived to find a perfect balance to this story, being able to harmonize all the different components, and failing to give the idea of a work at the end of the choir, in which each of the travelers has had his space.

The designs of Matteo Scalera, also in this volume are, as always, crazy, a true wonder for any fan of comics.

Each page is a real pleasure to see, even if we speak of simple landscapes, as is the case in the first pages of the volume. In that quiet environment, which in the end is a simple forest, but that appears a place out of time, also thanks to the work really valuable in Moreno Dinisio, here also responsible for the coloring, which proves to be a true master: in the first few pages he manages to give color so special and brilliant that it really seems that the forest is a dream-like place, out of time and devoid of the problems (and there are many) that accompany the rest of the universe.

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