Black Science Vol. 6 – Kingdoms, Forbidden and Hidden Truths of Remender & Scalera | Review


Published on Jul 18, 2018


Pia is back home, but instead of the peace the family has found a nasty surprise: his mother has started a relationship with Aslan, the antierore (but not too much, actually) of the first volumes of the history.

In the meantime, with the help of McKay, away from the family problems of any kind, mr. Block, the boss of the company he works for McKay, he continues his plan to create a crime syndicate infradimensionale with alternate versions of himself; even if not everyone can adapt to its objectives, and pay immediately and violently the consequences... Pia is receiving a signal and think of his brother Nathan (the little Nate that he had lost), but instead he finds his old acquaintance. However, not everything is lost, and in fact, someone unexpected will come to the rescue, luckily.

Rick Remender takes the row from the end of the fifth volume, in which Pia had failed to return home and embrace his mother; now, however, the situation is very difficult for the girl, more than you could ever think of: the relationship of the mother with Aslan is in fact a shock for her, that makes them refuse even life in his former home. But it will be his escape to introduce this new volume of new dangers from other dimensions, and the item supereoistico: from another dimension, in fact, there is a team of superheroes to save it.

In this issue, Remender, who has had certainly a nice experience also to Marvel, from Captain Ameriva's the Uncanny X-Men, maintains a tone sometimes light-hearted, almost that innocence in the attitudes that you saw decades ago in the american comics.

From the point of view of the plot, McKay is still in the shadow, especially for the reason that we know from Volume 5, which marked the same figure of McKay inside of the overall plot of the epic.

But the pace is well balanced and it seems that the author, after the first few volumes I've been able to get a balance that allows him to play with genres, comedy in the previous volume, the superhero in this, without losing sight of the goal of the story, even though in this volume he managed to do better than that in the previous year.

The art of Matteo Scalera, deserves also in this volume, the appreciation that we have addressed for the previous volumes, thanks to the beautiful plates, with pages and covers that often have spikes.

In this volume you will then be able to appreciate the great characterization, the graphics of the characters, especially those of the aliens that show a nice variety and imagination; not to mention the beautiful characterization of the superheroes of this volume, with suits that recall examples, the most famous publishing houses historical... without detracting from the Image, of course. The trait dynamic, does not always soft able to emphasize the atmosphere of tension of the volume, accentuating the sense of loneliness and melancholy that permeates the whole of history.

In this volume we find still as colorist Moreno Dinisio is now a guarantee in this series and even this volume does not disappoint

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