Black Science Vol. 5 – Sincere Atonement of Rick Remender & Matteo Scalera | Review


Published on Jul 11, 2018


Pia, the daughter of the protagonist and scientist, Grant McKay, has found its size on the planet inhabited by the three clans of Tarana, who are about to enter into a peace waiting for a long time through the omnimid, the merger of the three sempremid that represent the three treasures of the clan. But when the peace he seems to be confirmed also thanks to the role of the girl, here is our Mckay makes an appearance, sending in frantuni the dreams of glory of the entire planet and the period of peaceful life and happy that Pia had spent so far, even finding love.

The first pages of this volume left me quite puzzled, with a log that he completely abandons the canon of adventure to tack without compromise to the comedy, with the characters above the lines, that seems to be at all costs to abandon the characteristics which so far have identified. Just read the pages that describe the feast between the three clans on the planet to see McKay, now drunk, speak evil of the face of the banchettanti and pour the wine to the prosperosissimo the breast of the queen, the Girlfriend, causing a scandal and almost a diplomatic incident develops.

Again (for luck?) on the rails typical of the series, that of the adventure, even if Remender seems to be trying to put it in a setting of fairy-tale, with McKay novello hero without blemish and without fear (at least in the earliest tables), but that, unlike in previous volumes, demonstrates, at least in part, by resolving the issue. On the contrary, the sacrifice which proves to accept it, to love could almost listen the eyes of the reader... but don't worry, the final will return to the timid (not) we learned to appreciate.

In this volume, then, we deepen the figure of the Pious, the daughter of McKay, which so far has always remained in the shade, but here demonstrates his humanity and his sense of love-hate towards his father which, of course, loves, but which he knows the many faults and vices. And, finally, reveal some aspect of the mother of Pia, remained to wait for his family.

The dialogues are more rich than previous volumes, this choice is inevitable if you consider that Remender seems to have chosen a volume for a deepening of the feelings of the protagonists than to the events of their lives (and to the managers of them).

In short, Remender seems to have chosen a volume out, with a tone a little more light-hearted and less chaotic in the plot, which is quite linear. A choice appreciable in my opinion.

The art of Matteo Scalera continues to be a value-added of the work, with beautiful plates characterized by its stretch-dynamic and in a certain sense retro, which manages to emphasize the atmosphere of solitude in which the protagonists find themselves, highlighting in the reader a sense of despair that still characterizes the whole story.

In this volume we still have Moreno Dinisio colors, that, I don't think there is a need to confirm that it is, proves to be a skilled colorist, increasing the sense of concern of the boards of Black Science.


Black Science Vol. 5 – Sincere Atonement of Rick Remender & Matteo Scalera | Review of




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