Black Science Vol. 3 – Horizons of the Escape of Rick Remender & Matteo Scalera | Review


Published on Jul 02, 2018


We left Grant McKay and his family have to cross the multiverse to return home, but the Pillar is out of control and every leap continues to bring more and more distant from their families and closer to self-destruction. Now our are in a world plagued by a disease that strikes indiscriminately, but can't find the Shaman a valuable ally that will lead them to the solution of all, thanks to (I don't know how) welcome return of someone...

Rick Remender continues in this third volume in the saga of travellers in size, with its rhythm brilliant which has made the success of this series. Series that I have to admit that, although presenting a certain variety of settings, unfortunately, now it has a plot and clichés that are not original: for example the flashback in which Grant and his wife quarreling because of the fact that his work kept him away from the family, working on his inventions, while Grant has embarked on a relationship with his assistant...

Let's say that Remender has studied good authors who have preceded him in this field and is able to process them in the most efficient way possible, using the best of tradition, even if often keep that naivety that probably in these years is a little out of time: I refer for example to the character of some of the characters, which seem to be a lot of floating, or at the scene at the end of the volume in which the protagonist, Grant McKay decides to fly over the city to save all, without, however, having studied the positive effects or less of what is going to happen... naive, not to say simplistic.

However, the character of Grant McKay is still the one that makes the turn the series; despite the fact that often prove to be a bit banal in action, however, is to say that his being a totally deleterious in the world makes it look rather interesting, even if in this volume reveals, it occasionally glimmers of normalcy, which sometimes try to become heroic (always remembering that, if the purpose of the company was to leave every dimension a better place after they were gone, we are still very far from ideal...).

The dialogues are essential and dry, leaving it to the boards the bulk of the narrative, which will gain in dynamism and speed of the action to be honest.

The art of Matteo Scalera is the one that enhances the value of the work, with beautiful plates that often form the focus of the narrative, with pages and covers that are of the true peaks. Moreover, the fact that often they are the same characters from other dimensions is not a problem for the Italian, who succeeds in keeping a building regular (but not trivial) of the boards, managing to not confuse the reader. His suddenly dynamic and not always soft able to emphasize the atmosphere of despair in which the protagonists find themselves, highlighting in the reader a sense of anxiety which in itself permeates the whole of history.

In this volume we have as a colorist Moreno Dinisio that proved to be very skilful in colours, being able to extend the sense of unease of the boards of Black Science.

Black Science Vol. 3 – Horizons of the Escape of Rick Remender & Matteo Scalera | Review of




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