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Published on Jul 20, 2018


Here we come to the end of one of the most complex and rarefied marked Made in Italy of the last few years, the western supernatural Black Rock already nominated in previous Awards Micheluzzi as the best webcomic, comes to its conclusion with the last two chapters, out respectively at the end of may and the beginning of July, and that represent the culmination of a serialization FREE on the platform Wilder during about two years.

After being introduced in the world of Black Rock with the first 5 chapters – our review HERE – the series had taken a long break but then return with a run of 3 episodes before the conclusion, whose review you can find HERE.

We had known the Village, a mysterious place, isolated from everything and everyone, where people don't have the name and live by doing the task assigned to them from birth. On the respect of this role are based on the balance and the stability of the whole community, whose autonomy depends on the total cooperation of the individual. The whole town is surrounded by a huge circle of ash, which is supervised by the impenetrable figure of the Guardian. This man has the task of defending the inhabitants of the Village from the dangers that li besiege beyond the Frontier, beyond which live in Them, beings of unspeakable and divine that dwell between the evanescent Black Mountains.

Are years that They do not show themselves to the inhabitants of the Village, but occasionally send the Pilgrims, messengers who preach the Word of the dark entities in an effort to convince the inhabitants to cross the border to ashes and pass to the other side. But what is on the other side?

We also found that the Guardian had hidden not only the true nature of the agreement with Them, but also a huge “beast” that dwells locked in the underworld, to the centre of the Village. The genesis of this huge creature was linked also to that of the entire Village.

We left the series with the Pilgrims who, after the murder of one of them, asking for 10 souls, 10 sacrifices to the inhabitants of the Village otherwise they would have replaced the time of the prayers with that Of the gods.

The ultimatum had of course thrown into a panic the inhabitants were divided between those who wanted to take up arms and fight, and who instead wanted to find a solution more rational. The precarious balance that made it function harmoniously with life in the Village was, irretrievably, broken.

The two final chapters travel tense. The Guardian expects that 10 residents will come forward but does not seem to be absolutely ready to surrender to Them. And, in fact, at the time of presenting the sacrifice of an extreme gesture will reveal to us the true nature of the pilgrims, of the Village but, above all, will mark the true beginning of the age of Man.

Already with the 3 previous chapters Dario Sicchio (Caput Mundi, Chiodotorto, Walter Says), he had begun to move the thematic core of the series from the question “what is on the other side?” to “why are we in from the other side?” and with these two final chapters abandon the sense of unease and takes advantage of the concreteness of the previous episodes and indulging in a metaphysical reflection of great thickness.

In the comparison between The Guardian and The Stylites, is subtended by a profound reflection on the value of the shares, but above all on the concept of faith and of hope. Sicchio first shows humans how very fragile and then as creators of their own destiny. Even in the midst of the supernatural elements is, in reality, always been the Man protagonist of the reflection of the author: a courageous choice in a form of a narrative, the comics in general, always more attentive to the aspects of pi “super” or unusual.

Jacopo Vanni Pierluigi Minotti, Mattia Di Meo follow the author with a stretch sure but that is almost psychedelic in its remembering, especially in the last chapter, the Kirby is the more dreamlike of the ’70s. Punctual is then the contribution to the colors of the Francis Rye that is in the face material can be red, orange, and brown with deep black and blue/blue, ethereal. Always great work on the lettering of Maria Letizia Mirabella.

Black Rock is confirmed by a series of courageous, which evolved in a very personal way compared to the suggestions in the initial, non-being is never trivial, but indeed, placing it halfway between a comic genre of the anglo-saxon and the most intimate, of the Italian matrix.

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