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Published on Apr 18, 2018


And’ released yesterday, the eighth episode of Black Rock, the western supernatural freshly nominated as best web comic for the next awards Micheluzzi that, as usual, will be assigned in a few days during the Napoli Comicon.

We take a small step back: Black Rock is the story of a Village, a mysterious place, isolated from everything and everyone, where people don't have the name and live by doing the task assigned to them from birth. On the respect of this role are based on the balance and the stability of the whole community, whose autonomy depends on the total cooperation of the individual.

The whole town is surrounded by a huge circle of ash, which is supervised by the impenetrable figure of the Guardian. This man has the task of defending the inhabitants of the Village from the dangers that li besiege beyond the Frontier, beyond which live in Them, beings of unspeakable and divine that dwell between the evanescent Black Mountains.

Are years that They do not show themselves to the inhabitants of the Village, but occasionally send the Pilgrims, messengers who preach the Word of the dark entities in an effort to convince the inhabitants to cross the border to ashes and pass to the other side. But what is on the other side?

The first part of Black Rock – you can find our review here – had ended with a massive cliffhanger: the Guardian had in any way concealed not only the true nature of the agreement with Them, but also a huge “beast” that dwells locked in the underworld, to the centre of the Village.

The narrative resumed, with the sixth episode, exactly from the titan that dwells in the basement of the village which we learn important details not only about its genesis, but also that of the entire Village, a prelude to the escalation that you are consuming on the surface. The Pilgrims, after the murder of one of them, asking for 10 souls, 10 sacrifices to the inhabitants of the Village, otherwise the time of the prayers would be replaced by that Of the gods.

The ultimatum, of course he throws in the panic of the inhabitants, sentitosi cheated by years of lies, are divided between those who want to take up arms and fight, and those who want to search for a solution more rational. One thing is certain: the precarious balance that made it function harmoniously with life in the Village was, irretrievably, broken.

In the meantime, relive the first meeting between the Guardian and the titan and the question gradually changes from “what is on the other side?” to “why are we in from the other side?”.

Dario Sicchio shows to be gained in a decisive manner by opening the second part of Black Rock starting to respond to those doubts which he had cleverly instilled in the five chapters that made up the first part of the series.

In this fundamental step in the series earns both from the formal point of view – a greater solidity and consistency which translates into a faster-paced – but especially the content.

If, in fact, in the first part of the season and the suggestions of the horror/mystery providing a sense of deep restlessness, in the second part of the season change in a dialogue with a higher entity first, and then in a reflection of the intimate.

What the author seems to have set as a goal is absolutely ambitious: to explain the concept of faith both in the metaphysical sense that the socio-political. Abe, the Guardian, entrusted himself to god to be saved, while the inhabitants of the Village are entrusted to him. As you arrived to this “stalemate” will be the response, or rather responses, given the many instances that make it up, the final of which Sicchio will have to give with the final chapters of the series.

Jacopo Vanni and Pierluigi Minotti illustrate with stretch angular of the chapters in which the webcomic – with the prevalence of horizontal panes – is reconceived in highly dynamic with full pages in monochrome punctuated by captions. From the report, especially the evidence of chapter 7, in which the impetuosity and violence of the crowd is made extremely well with dynamism and excitement. What is the most interesting of the graphical approach to the series is the centrality of the figure, the human and less-human, maintains in the course of the chapters.

Good job to the colors Francis Rye and Mattia Di Meo. The headstock is the one already seen in the first season: color material with red, orange and brown to take on the connotations of the transcendent, thanks to a clever use of blacks and chiaroscuro. Compared to the first part of the season, the element that, however, is the real contrast is in the red, on, the blood on multiple levels is true even of the narrative of the supernatural and not.

Waiting for the end of the season we record the maturation of Black Rock that has been able to evolve away from the suggestions of the initial, and obvious sources of inspiration, and which lack only the final pieces to complete a path, frankly, is so far amazing.

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