Black Mirror: The episodes, now, are part of the same universe?

Published on Sep 04, 2017

The creator of the sci-fi series Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, admits that the episodes may be set in the same universe

Awaiting the arrival of the fourth season of Black Mirror on Netflix, the series creator, Charlie Brooker, has had the opportunity to review its position about the setting of individual episodes, by many fans considered to be part of the same universe.

In the past, Brooker had stated that the coincidences that connected the episodes were just that, coincidences. Today, however, his position seems to be changed.

Here is what recently declared to the microphones of The Hollywood Reporter:

“My answer, today, has changed. I have always said that they were only coincidences are fun, but often we have made clear references between the episodes. The rule is that when a character says something that clearly refers to something specific, not random. It could all happen in the same universe ideal, and I want to say. There is a joke in the Universal Hatred that refers to a crime that happened in the White Bear.”


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Source: THR

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