Black Mirror 4×05: Metalhead – Review

Published on Jan 02, 2018

Black Mirror, with this fourth season, has faced the need to create new episodes, still maintaining a high quality . The road chosen by Brooker was the desire to explore new roads, while still maintaining a certain linearity with the background setting of the series. So far, this look was a good idea for episodes such as Arkangel, or Hang the DJ, but Metalhead seems to upset again the trend of this season.

Entrusted to the direction of David Slade (30 days of night), Metalhead takes us into an unspecified future in which humanity is forced to live in a sort of civilization, post-apocalyptic. The protagonist is a woman, played by Maxine Peake, who during the search of a valuable resource for his group ends up to activate incorrectly, a dangerous robot, hidden in a warehouse. This is the beginning of his personal odyssey, in a struggle between man and machine.

Talk about the relationship with the technology in Black Mirror is now discounted. The theme is the narrative line that unites all the episodes, which become the declension of this idea, in order to provide a thorough analysis of this growing interaction. If so far the different episodes of the serial have managed to give this cue the right importance, creating a good feeling between the viewer and the story, Metalhead is very different from this guideline.

Usually, the technological development is functional to the story, is the base and supports in every moment of events and characters. Stories of the most recent Crocodile or the U. S. S. Callister have this component narrative always at the centre of events, subtly inserted or blatantly inserted in bella vista. Metalhead, perhaps following the experimental spirit of this season of Black Mirror, abandons this tradition. The presence of the robot that chases the woman is an element of science fiction and technology is very realistic, to the point that reminds you vaguely disturbing robot Spot from Boston Dynamics. But in addition to this minimal contact with contemporary art, still tied to a specific interest of some fans, to not notice those ties with our daily life that always make for compelling episodes of Black Mirror.

The whole construction of Metalhead is based on a sense of anxiety and the survival instinct of the woman. The plot is reduced to the bone, the setting is post-apocalyptic allows you to create a world that is bare, devoid of detail, which conveys the sense of a catastrophe by exploiting a certain familiarity to works such as Mad Max. But original, own, shows little. Some reference to the human situation, let slip during the only dialogue between the group of survivors at the beginning of the episode is all what is being offered, leaving a sense of approximation.

Slade said of wanting to create an episode of Black Mirror that depicts the decline of humanity, based on the idea of Brooker. Certainly affect the choice of wanting to turn Metalhead black and white, a decision of authorship, which enhances the sense of danger and despair. The photography of this episode is convincing, especially in the escape in the forest. The two colors and their shades convey the strong emotional context of this episode, thanks to a drama of sumptuous of the Peake, that alone must sustain this intensity to the narrative.

Taken as a work in and of itself, a Metalhead would be a interesting job. Undeniably, Brooker and Slade have created a disturbing survival-hued sci-fi, which based its power on the figure of the human in flight. No story, no narrative context, setting, small, friendly staff. The attention of the viewer should be totally focused on the odyssey of the woman, who attends must be a participant in this tragedy, hearing her own. Man against the machine, our soul must participate in this battle. The story of the Metalhead could be transposed in another situation, in a different setting, would not lose identity, because they have not examined the details of the episode. We do not know what catastrophe has reduced the world, there are no data references on the role of the machines, is missing all the depth of a story that needs the other elements to make part of the canon, Black Mirror.

And on this aspect, Metalhead and competing with the U. S. S. Callister the title of worst episode of the season. Watching an episode of Black Mirror, less of the experimentation that is the hallmark of this season, I expect to find those characteristics that have made me thrill to the series. The thriller has already been present in the Black Mirror (Crocodile or Shut up and dance), but has always had a certain adherence to the dictates of the serial, proving to be a key to the reading is interesting and well orchestrated. With Metalhead this synergy is lost. The sense of alarm and denunciation of some of the habits of this exacerbated by the potential of a future technology is completely less, it fades away the common thread that binds the episodes of Black Mirror, the one to the other.

Metalhead fails, as the episode of Black Mirror because it distorts the interpretation of the guiding line of the serial. Brooker tip so shrewd and reasoned to empathy, instinctive, between the viewer and the protagonist, but fails to create that turning point typical in the final, missing the final impetus which overturns our perception and amazes us, giving meaning to what is seen. This episode is a good exercise in stylistic directing and building the emotional impact of the subject, but it lacks an identity, that is part of the overall structure of the Black Mirror. Came out, without the lure of the famous series, Metalhead would have been, probably, the most appreciated as an interesting survival thriller, but having created a certain expectation, by showing off the brand of the Black Mirror has proved to be a disappointing episode.

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