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Published on May 03, 2020


With the help of a tv schedule is particularly crowded this season, Season 3 of Black Lightning slid out almost immediately between the series to be recovered in the moments of pause that come unexpected and abundant when both the productions which the same schedules they had to stop to deal with the epidemic of the Coronavirus.

We left the series with a season premiere all in all convincing – our review HERE – which he had seen, after the discovery of the experiments on the population of Freeland and its growing population, and the goal, the mysterious agency ASA headed by the cryptic Agent Odell gather the population of the meta-human for testing, and to limit the dispersion and also because the horizon was stood out the threat of the nation “rogue” Markovia itself engaged in a program of development of agents and meta-humans.

The series is split for the big narrative arcs. The first from episode 1 to episode 5 sees Freeland as a real city in occupied and militarized, where Black Lightning and his family are forced to collaborate with the ASA and where Odell acts as a real villain, revealing, among other things, is Tobias Whale, which is fundamental for the research on meta-humans, that Khalil, became a weapon in human after a washing of the brain, are still alive.

From episode 6 to episode 9, the vise of the ASA starts to loosen you want to the growing social tensions of which Jeff is a witness you want to also because Lynn starts to discover that the research is designed to make the goal of Freeland are members of a real army.

The episode 9 is the one that is also the watershed for Season 3 being directly connected to the crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths, that sees between the protagonists just Black Lightning for the first time, catapulted into another universe, while in Freeland Jenn will have to deal with some of his alternative versions.

The episodes from 10 to 13 explore what is really the role of Markovia. When Lynn is kidnapped, Black Lightning and his allies decide to make a real black op to save coming directly into the small “rogue” state, and also discovering important details about this war in the armament meta-human.

The Markovia is, in fact, was the first in the state in which the US have done experiments to transform the population into meta-humans, and to guide the resentment of the population, there is the mysterious Gravedigger, who will prove to be closely connected both to Black Lightning to the USA.

When Gravedigger decides to invade Freeland with the troops markoviane strong of a serum developed by the same Lynn is able to provide the skill from one individual to another, Black Lightning and the ASA will have to tighten a thin alliance. The episodes from 13 to 16 are needed, so to show the preparation for the invasion that the various forces in the field seek to exploit for their own advantage, and Whale and ASA included.

At the end will have the better of Black Lightning that publicly denounces the experiments conducted in Freeland.

Anticlimatico is the only adjective that can describe Season 3 of Black Lightning, series which year after year puts on the table a series of good ideas and insights but can never develop them in a manner neither consistent nor satisfactory from the point of view of the merely narrative.

It is appreciable the theme of the rise of the population of the meta-human, its implications, and its origins a little transparent at a voltage where the flywheel is the idea of justifying the internal control, repression, with an external enemy that will be then constructed at the table. Here fits well also all the context of the minority color is always the soul of the series.

However, this tension is lost resoundingly and loosens dramatically when showrunner and writers trying to insert in a simple formula, a series of social demands and a component that drama too exasperated.

It is the case of Grace, the girlfriend of Anissa, which is used as a pivot to bring to the extreme consequences, themes of LGBT, or even that of Lynn that is used to treat the drug use with walking forced and little incisive.

Still narratively rather than tack on territories action, sci-fi, or simply supereroistici – never before in this season with links to the material comics was little or nothing – we tried to put the old characters in the end, proved to be sterile as a Lala, or the Lady Eve.

The development is so erratic, the 16 episodes are still too many, and the lack of a real villain with a plan credible is yet to be the true weak point of the series as shown by the sudden introduction of the Gravedigger, who plays in an approximate manner the task in the last 3 episodes.

From the technical point of view, and directing the series shows its limits due to the lack of budget with the choreography, often designed to hide the limitation of the stunt and CGI in the action scenes and direction that does not strive to find solutions more than enough.

Ultimately Black Lightning Season 3 is not a vision neither recommended nor to the lovers of the superhero genre/sci-fi, but even to the most dedicated fans of the DC Universe that they will not find much trace of the comic book hero any version you fish.

I don't know how the series can continue to survive in the zone of mediocrity/enough perennial.

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